Mass Discussion/Organising Mtg.

From: NYCLAW <>
Date: Sat, Nov 6, 2004 at 6:24 PM
Subject: [NYCLAW] NYC MOBILIZATION (11.11.04) : Mass Discussion/Organising Mtg.
To: LaborAgainstWar <>

***Please distribute widely***



When: Thursday November 11 -6:30pm
Where: CUNY Grad Center -365 5th Ave & 34th St, Rm 5414
(Bring photo ID to enter)
Why: To help build an NYC anti-war network and to start planning actions beginning in late November.

We are a diverse network committed to resisting the war without end that the US government is waging on the world. We recognise that our struggle extends beyond one election, one candidate. And now with Bush’s re-election, it is ever more critical that we, the various sectors of the anti-war movement, stand together and firmly declare:

The U.S. is in over 100 countries around the world
U.S. out of the Middle East!
**Troops Home Now!
**End U.S. Aid to Israel
**Afghanistan Yesterday, Iraq Today, Who Tomorrow???

No More Guantanomo, No More Abu Ghraib and No More Immigrant Detention Centers
**Stop the Attacks on Arabs, Muslims South Asians and all immigrants
**Free domestic victims of political repression
**Books Not Bombs, Jobs Not War

The Future Belongs to the People of the World, Not the Warmakers!
**self determination for the Iraqi people free of foreign intervention & domination
**we affirm the right of all people to resist

In the lead-up to the American elections, US forces have continued to murder Iraqis to “free” them. At the same time, the US government continues to provide the aid and political support necessary for Israel to bludgeon Palestinians in the Occupied Territories including Palestinian schoolchildren for “security reasons”. These are two brutal occupations in a long line of brutalities to build US empire empire. Political repression and attacks on labor, immigrants, and people of color are another face of that empire.

Join the New York Grassroots Anti-War Network to help decide the next steps for a movement that refuses the agenda of empire and comes together to write a new history.

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