Labor for Palestine at NYC May Day

Video here. Sophia from NYC Labor for Palestine, @uawlaborforpalestine@uaw2325forpalestine, and @criticalresistance speaks at the May Day for Palestine rally about how “workers of the world must join Palestinians and students in the struggle to end the Zionist occupation and genocide in Palestine.”

“We are the ones we are waiting for. We must reclaim our power as the working class and unite for Palestine. Not just resolutions but actions, no more labor panels just organize, don’t resolve to do something, just f***ing do something!”

“Organize to withhold your labor until Palestine is free. Divest our unions from Israeli bonds and industries tied to Zionist occupation. Cut ties with the racist Israeli labor federation, the Histadrut, and its US mouthpiece, the Jewish Labor Committee. Stop arming Israel – refuse to design, build, and transport weapons to Israel.”

“Workers don’t cross picket lines, we walk picket lines. Walk the BDS picket, no compromises. We are not free until we are all free. Free Palestine, from the river to the sea.”

Video here. Ioanna from Student Workers for Columbia – UAW Local 2710 (@sw_columbia) speaking truth to power and saying what needs to be said:

“The Palestinian trade unions have asked us since OCTOBER and again recently in light of May Day, the International Workers Day, to use our labor power, and RESPECT THEIR PICKET LINE, to stop arming the genocidal state.

Obviously, we have so far failed them miserably.”

Watch the whole speech ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 “WE are the union and this is what we demand. Solidarity forever and Free Palestine!”

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