GSWOC-UAW Local 872 Unfair Labor Practice Charge

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2. Basis of Charge

On or about April 24, 2024 , the University of Southern California violated the National Labor Relations Act by:

1) Summoning the police to eject and arrest University employees, including graduate student employees who are members of UAW Local 872, in retaliation for those employees engaging in protected concerted activity including but not limited to: demanding the end of employee research work that requires interaction with certain universities; protesting the discrimination and hostile work environment directed towards Black, Brown, Palestinian, and pro-Palestine Jewish employees and students; requesting the disclosure of University financial investments related to their employment; and advocating for academic freedom of speech in the workplace.

2) Unilaterally changing workplace policies by prohibiting pro-Palestine speech at the worksite, by ejecting from the worksite as trespassers employees engaged in political speech, and by summoning the police to respond to non-violent employee political speech; and

3) Unilaterally changing workplace policies by requiring employees to show identification at security checkpoints in order to enter the worksite, by suspending employee access to the worksite, by restricting access to the worksite to two entrances, and by preventing employees from bringing certain types of bags into the worksite.

By these and other similar acts, the Employer has violated Section 8(a)(l) and 8(a)(5) of the Act.

UAW Local 872 is the collective bargaining representative of graduate student employees at the University of Southern California.

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