Workplace Protests (Maine Labor for Palestine)

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mainelaborforpalestine Know your rights when it comes to organizing in your workplace!

As Israel continues to move forward with the invasion of Rafah, we are seeing a greater need to escalate our demands for an end to the ongoing violence and move towards a supported and sustained general strike by the global working class.

Student workers at Columbia are engaging in a wildcat strike and refusing to work for a school that incites violence on its own students. Faculty at The New School are refusing to grade papers. And University of California faculty and staff are voting to strike after a violent mob of Zionists and the state’s own violent gang—the LAPD—were allowed to turn the campus into a war zone with the administration’s blessing.

As Union organizers and rank and file members, it is imperative we get organized and move towards a general strike. We must heed the call of Palestinian trade unionists and withdraw our labor from any institution, organization or government committing this gen🩸cide.

It is our right and responsibility to leverage our labor in this way.


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