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Texas DSA Labor for Palestine Contingent: February 4, 2024

Honor the Palestinian Trade Union Picket Line by Rescinding the Undemocratic UAW Endorsement of Genocide Joe Biden (UAW Labor for Palestine)

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Honor the Palestinian Trade Union Picket Line by Rescinding the Undemocratic UAW Endorsement of Genocide Joe Biden
UAW Labor for Palestine, January 31, 2024

On October 16, 2023, Palestinian trade unions issued an urgent call to End all Complicity and Stop Arming Israel. At the CAP Conference on January 24, 2024, the UAW International Executive Board—without membership engagement or approval—crossed that picket line by endorsing Joe Biden, whose administration arms, funds, and facilitates the relentless Israeli genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people in Gaza and throughout historic Palestine that has already killed more than 30,000 people, including thousands of children, in just over 114 days.

During Biden’s remarks at the CAP conference, members of UAW Labor for Palestine bravely disrupted and uplifted the UAW IEB’s own call for an immediate, permanent ceasefire, only to be shouted down by “USA” and “UAW” chants as well as assaulted, and dragged out of the conference by Secret Service. Such treatment of UAW rank-and-file is not only thuggish and anti-worker, but in direct violation of the UAW’s December 1 call for ceasefire in Gaza and UAW President Shawn Fain’s claims to uphold justice in and beyond the workplace.

To stop violating the UAW ceasefire statement and the Palestinian trade union picket line, we demand that UAW leadership:

  1. Rescind its endorsement of Joe Biden’s re-election until he calls for a permanent ceasefire and stops sending weapons to Israel, and, in the interim, commit to withholding any union resources or time (e.g., sending out mailers for re-election or hosting any campaign events) for his campaign.
  2. Endorse and allocate our dues and V-CAP contributions only to those candidates who publicly call for a permanent ceasefire and vote against any weapons for Israel.
  3. Support UAW members in refusing to provide weapons, research, and technology to Israel.
  4. Support the campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) by ending all UAW complicity with Israel.

About UAW Labor for Palestine: UAW Labor for Palestine—formally a working group created through the UAW Region 9A Rank-and-File Assembly—is a collective of rank-and-file members organizing across the UAW to demand an immediate end to Israel’s apartheid regime, occupation, and ongoing genocide in Palestine, to embrace the recent urgent call from Palestinian trade unions to stop arming Israel, and to act upon the UAW Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) sign-on letter by advancing Palestine solidarity priorities. We organize at the individual, shop, local, and regional levels, and we work towards ending the International UAW’s complicity in Israeli apartheid and oppression of the Palestinian people.

Resolution: Committing to a Labor Strategy towards Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions at the University of California (UAW 2865 and 5810 Berkeley)

[Adopted January 31, 2024]

Resolution: Committing to a Labor Strategy towards Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions at the University of California

Whereas: For over three months the Israeli government has pursued an indiscriminate assault on Gaza, which at the time of writing has killed more than 26,000 Palestinians in Gaza, an overwhelming majority of whom were civilian non-combatants, caused serious bodily injury to a further 65,000 Palestinians, internally displaced 1.9 million of Gaza’s population of 2.3 million, and destroyed the civilian housing, food, health, power, water, and education infrastructure needed to sustain life in Gaza; and,

Whereas: These “grave violations committed by Israel against Palestinians” in combination with “evidence of increasing genocidal incitement” against Palestinians prompted the U.N. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to issue a statement calling on the “international community to prevent genocide against the Palestinian people,” highlighting an avalanche of calls for a ceasefire and an end to the siege on Gaza from international institutions and NGOs; the government of South Africa, citing “the indiscriminate use of force and forcible removal of inhabitants” in Gaza, filed a suit on December 29 at the International Court of Justice charging Israel with “committing genocide in manifest violation of the Genocide Convention;” and,

Whereas: The current assault takes place in the context of decades of apartheid Israeli policies towards Palestinians, which began with the Nakba in 1948 when the state of Israel was established through the violent mass expulsion of Palestinians from their land and continued an ethnic cleansing project that includes a 17 year blockade of Gaza which has turned it into an “open-air prison;” illegal settlement expansion, surveillance, and state-sponsored violence against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem; discriminatory apartheid laws targeting Palestinian citizens of Israel; and the denial of the internationally recognized inalienable right of Palestinian refugees to return to their ancestral homes and receive reparations; and,

Whereas: On October 16, Palestinian trade unions issued a plea for workers around the globe to “end all forms of complicity with Israel’s crimes — most urgently halting the arms trade with Israel, as well as all funding and military research;” and on November 29, fifteen Palestinian institutions of higher education co-signed a letter calling for “an end to 75 years of Israel’s regime of settler-colonial oppression and apartheid;” echoing long-standing calls from historic coalitions of Palestinian civil society and political organizations in 2005 by the Boycott National Committee for “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel Until it Complies with International Law and Universal Principles of Human Rights” and in 2004 by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel to “boycott … events, activities, agreements, or projects involving Israeli academic institutions or that otherwise promote the normalization of Israel in the global academy;” and,

Whereas: In recent months workers in the U.S. have issued statements and taken action in response to the Palestinian trade unions’ call, including the UAW Local 551 Ford Chicago Assembly Plant workers’ call for a ceasefire and end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. After a similar successful campaign at Harvard’s HGSU-UAW 5118, academic workers at UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz voted to sign on as locals to a BDS Sign-On letter that calls on the UAW to “endorse and implement the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions call from Palestinian civil society,” a plea which we second and build upon in this resolution; and,

Whereas: On October 13, the UAW 2865 Executive Board wrote a statement calling for a ceasefire and end to the occupation, which was forwarded to the UAW International Executive Board at an October 28 meeting of the 2865 Joint Council; and,

Whereas: On December 1, 2023, the UAW International Executive Board called for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza and announced their intent to form “a Divestment and Just Transition working group to study the history of Israel and Palestine, our union’s economic ties to the conflict, and explore how we can have a just transition for US workers from war to peace;”

THEREFORE let it be resolved: That, in the context of our local’s January 2024 membership approval vote on union efforts pursuing a ceasefire in Gaza passing by over 90%, UAW Local 2865 and 5810 at Berkeley reaffirm our local’s 2021 resolution and 2014 referendum to endorse and join the movement for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions of Israel, and views this commitment as a necessary step towards the “just transition” called for by the IEB;

Let it be further resolved: That UAW 2865 and 5810 Berkeley urge the IEB to ensure that the working group on a “Divestment and Just Transition” has the needed resources to execute its mission, and that Palestinian, Arab and Muslim workers whose communities are disproportionately affected by U.S.-backed wars are well-represented on the committee;

Let it be further resolved: That UAW 2865 and 5810 Berkeley commits to protecting all workers at the University of California facing harassment or retaliation for their Palestinian identity or advocacy, and views such harassment and retaliation as violations of the university’s contractual and moral responsibility to ensure a respectful, non-discriminatory work environment;

Let it be further resolved: That UAW 2865 and 5810 Berkeley shall establish a BDS exploratory committee to investigate and document our current financial and labor ties to the occupation and weapons trade with Israel. The exploratory committee will present preliminary reports at the subsequent Spring 2024 Monthly Membership Meetings, which will (i) identify potential targets for a BDS campaign at the University of California, including the University’s ties to the occupation and the economic, cultural, and political structures that sustain it, and (ii) analyze what strategies could be employed against those targets, including but not limited to those listed below;

Let it be further resolved: That UAW 2865 and 5810 Berkeley will commit to a program of mass anti-imperialist political education and labor organizing which will leverage our power as workers to wage a BDS campaign at the University of California. Such a campaign may include direct actions, reminiscent of the disruption tactics used by UC students in the fight for divestment from South African apartheid; advocacy with local elected leadership; targeted campaigns against specific UC partnerships or programs; and through the formal bargaining process; and,

Let it finally be resolved: That UAW 2865 and 5810 Berkeley, on January 31, 2024, will sign the pledge to be apartheid free, which, in agreement with the Palestinian BDS National Committee, we view as a step toward building the anti-apartheid movement in the U.S., and a commitment to take further action.

Biden endorsement raises question: Where is the UAW going? (Workers World)

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Zionism, The Histadrut, The AFL-CIO & South Africa (Labor Video Project)

Original video online here.

This panel on 1/27/24 sponsored by the Labor Education Project On AFL-CIO International Operations looks at the role of Zionism, the Histadrut the AFL-CIO and South Africa. Since the formation of the AFL-CIO, there has been a close relationship with the Israeli Zionist union the Histadrut with US union funding. Additionally there was funding was from the CIA and NED as well as other government agencies for these international projects and that continues today with the AFL-CIO’s so called “Solidarity Center”. The AFL-CIO and Israel’s Histadrut were also involved in actively supporting the South African apartheid regime and the CIA through the AFL-CIO which gave millions of dollars to Chief Buthelezi that led to the death of thousands of trade unionists and their families. Today the AFL-CIO leadership is silent about the genocide of Israel and is continuing to support US military and economic aid to apartheid Israel. The AFL-CIO also continues to support US military and economic support for Israel’s war on the Palestinian workers, journalists and people however it is facing growing opposition from tens of thousands of workers and trade unionists from throughout the US. Panel Speakers Included: Mimi Rosenberg, UAW Local 2325 Member & Producer at WBAI Jeff Schuhrke, Harry Van Arsdale Jr. School of Labor Studies, SUNY Empire State University David Hemson, South African Duban Trade Union Organizer & Researcher/Educator Carol Lang, AFT PSC Delegage & CUNY Professor Lisa Milos, CWA UPTE,Member UPTE Members For Palestine Additional Media: The Isreali Histadrut, The AFL-CIO, Zionism & Labor Imperialism With Carol Lang    • The Isreali Histadrut, The AFL-CIO, Z…   AFL-CIO Leadership Tries To Block Affiliates Vote On Endorsing BDS:AFL-CIO Leadership Cited A Procedural Rule To Tell The San Francisco Council It Couldn’t Even Debate A Resolution On BDS.… The Israeli Histadrut, Zionism, The AFL-CIO & Imperialism With Carol Lang    • The Israeli Histadrut, Zionism, The A…   The Histadrut: Israeli’s Racist Trade Union… 2015 resolution by the CT Machinists… Organized labor was among the earliest investors in Israel bonds.… AFL-CIO, Imperialism, Zionism and The Palestinians    • AFL-CIO, Imperialism, Zionism and The…   U.S. Unions Are Voicing Unprecedented Support for Palestine… Palestinian Workers, Human Rights, US Labor, Zionists And How The Zionists Helped The Nazis    • Palestinian Workers, Human Rights, US…   The ITUC and Global Union Federations condemn the designation by Israel of six Palestinian human rights groups as terrorist organisations. Israel’s designation of Palestinian human rights groups as terrorists is outrageous… Organized labor was among the earliest investors in Israel bonds.… Additional Information: Labor Education Project On AFL-CIO International Operations Production of Labor Video Project

Vermonters’ solidarity with Palestine (VTL4P in Tempest)

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SEIU Rank and File say union has further to go to support Palestinian liberation (Mondoweiss)

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‘CEASEFIRE NOW’ UAW Members ERUPT At Biden Over Israel (Breaking Points)

Video online here.

Max Alvarez interviews three UAW members who protested Joe Biden for his refusal to push for a ceasefire in Gaza.

hi I’m Maximillian Alvarez I’m the

0:02editor and chief of the real news

0:04network and host of the podcast working

0:07people and this is the art of class war

0:10on breaking points on Wednesday of this

0:12week sha Fame the reformed president of

0:16the United Auto Workers who led his

0:18Union through last year’s historic

0:20standup strike at Ford General Motors

0:24and stellantis formerly endorsed Joe

0:27Biden for president in the 2024 general

0:30elections on behalf of the Union which


0:34391,000 active members and more than

0:38580,000 retired members feain famously

0:42refused to endorse Biden or any other

0:45candidate last year warning that the

0:47Union’s coveted endorsement would need

0:49to be earned especially when it came to

0:52how candidates responded to the Auto

0:55Workers strike in September and October

0:57but fain’s endorsement of Biden and

1:00Biden’s subsequent acceptance of that

1:02endorsement was greeted with Defiance

1:05from a contingent of rank and file UAW

1:07members who argue that with this

1:10endorsement the union is contradicting

1:13its own stated support for an immediate

1:16permanent ceasefire in Gaza endorsing

1:19Joe Biden for President Joe Biden a

1:22self-proclaimed Zionist whose

1:24administration has been the number one

1:26military financial and political

1:29supporter of Israel’s genocidal assault

1:32on Gaza and its ethnic cleansing of

1:35Palestinians is a clear and blatant

1:38contradiction that undercuts uh fain’s

1:41and the uaw’s stated commitment to quote

1:44standing for justice across the globe

1:47and some UAW members took direct action

1:50to disrupt Biden’s address to the union

1:52on Wednesday in order to hold the union

1:55leadership to their own words here is

1:58cell phone video from the action which

2:01workers shared with us no matter what

2:04that was it should





2:22be for this breaking Point’s exclusive

2:25edition of The Art of class War I got to

2:28interview three of the members who

2:30disrupted Biden’s speech on Wednesday

2:33less than 1 hour after they were dragged

2:36out of the event by Secret Service I sat

2:38down and spoke with shahinaz ganed Nikki

2:41Thomas and Johanna king slotsky of UAW


2:462710 here’s our conversation which we

2:49recorded from the real news Studio here

2:51in Baltimore my name is shahen asgan I

2:54am with um UAW nor Eastern University um

3:00organizing and higher education I am a

3:02fourth year JD PhD student in

3:05criminology and criminal justice um and

3:08we just won our election back in

3:09September so we are new to the UAW yes

3:14um and hello my name is Nikki Thomas I

3:16am also at nor Eastern University with

3:19genu UAW as a higher ed organizer um I’m

3:22in the bioengineering Department if


3:25cares I’m Johanna uh I am a fifth your

3:30PhD candidate and uh Teach as well at

3:33Columbia University I’m getting my

3:35degree in English English and

3:37comparative literature um and I’m a

3:39member of UAW Local 2710 awesome well

3:42again can’t thank y’all enough for uh

3:45making it on this call uh we are

3:48recording this on Wednesday literally

3:51one hour after uh you know the UAW

3:55president sha feain endorsed um

3:58President Joe Biden in the

4:002024 elections on behalf of the UAW and

4:04y’all were there at the event in

4:07Washington DC along with other union

4:10members um making a statement protesting

4:14demonstrating in the midst of this event

4:17uh calling for an immediate ceasefire

4:20demanding that the UAW you know uh

4:23continue to hold President Biden and his

4:25administration accountable for their

4:28complicity in continuing to support uh

4:32the the ongoing genocidal violence in

4:34Gaza I wanted to just ask uh since we

4:37are lucky enough to have the three of

4:38you on here if we could just go back

4:41around the table and and have y’all give

4:43our viewers and listeners a play byplay

4:46of what happened today from start to

4:49finish yes so um I want to give the

4:52broader context first that uh a group of

4:55us within the UAW has formed called

4:58Labor for Palestine UAW labor for

5:00Palestine UW labor for Palestine and we

5:03have been organizing um and particularly

5:07during this UAW conference the cap

5:09conference um around more actions

5:13related to pushing our elected officials

5:16to support a ceasefire so the UAW had

5:19already passed internal resolutions and

5:21we knew that the international executive

5:23board including president Shan feain

5:25supported a ceasefire in Palestine and

5:28now it was time for us to really show

5:32that we wanted to make sure that our

5:34political endorsements were going to

5:36align with that so that’s the context of

5:38the broader week we got about a thousand

5:41signatures um in the span of from Monday

5:45to now so three days um from our members

5:49uh 7:50 at this conference and then many

5:52members sent the link to the petition

5:54back to their own home units as well and

5:56we got signatures that way and

5:58throughout the conference we have been

6:00demonstrating every time that someone

6:03has gotten on the stage who doesn’t want

6:04to talk about the issue we’ve erupted en

6:07chance of ceasefire now we did this with

6:10Bernie we did this quite a bit we’re

6:13lobbying on the hill as well um to get

6:16our elected officials to support a

6:18permanent not just a temporary

6:20ceasefire um and we spoke to the

6:22international executive board because

6:24there was a lot of rumors going around

6:26that they were going to endorse Joe

6:28Biden even though he has still refused

6:30to align himself with the uaw’s position

6:33on a permanent ceasefire and we felt and

6:36the members who signed on to that

6:38petition felt that that was not okay

6:41that the UAW really need to to stick to

6:44our values and stick to the statements

6:46that we had made and that President Sean

6:48Fain had made that we weren’t going to

6:50just hand out endorsements to

6:52politicians they needed to get in line

6:55on the issues that labor cares about and

6:57ceasefire is an issue that labor cares

7:00about so we stood up today because the

7:03international executive board did not

7:05listen to us and did not listen to its

7:07membership and went ahead to endorse

7:09President Biden anyways um we stood up

7:13we had a Palestinian flag that said UAW

7:16labor for Palestine we started to chant

7:19ceasefire now while having our fists up

7:22with a solidarity Fist and we were

7:25immediately rushed by Secret Service

7:27agents um who who grabbed us um at some

7:32point anywhere from between half a dozen

7:34to a dozen were surrounding us um and

7:36dragged us out in a line um as we were

7:40still holding on to the flag trying to

7:41rip the flag out of our hands they

7:43knocked two of our members over they

7:45tried to knock me onto the two of them

7:48while they were on the floor you can see

7:49that in the video with me trying to like

7:52push back against the person who was

7:54holding me and who was trying to push me

7:56onto the other two that are sitting here

7:58next to me and we were ultimately

8:00dragged out of the conference Hall and

8:02removed from the um floor that it was

8:06happening on in the in the conference

8:10Hotel yeah um that was a pretty good

8:13summary of everything that happened uh

8:16there’s not much to add on though I will

8:17say you will probably see like maybe

8:20different statements about how other UAW

8:22members chanted over us um while we were

8:26while we were chanting and um I

8:28definitely think we’ve talked to a lot

8:31of people actually at this conference

8:33over the last few days who have come up

8:35to us and have been supportive on a

8:38personal level but when it comes to this

8:41they seem not ready to publicly come out

8:44and support in the way that we did um

8:47today and I think a lot of it has to do

8:50I’m sure we’ll get into this later but I

8:52think a lot of it has to do with fear

8:54like our politics these days are all

8:57about fear uh the Republic Republican

8:59party runs on fear the Democratic party

9:01runs on fear and there’s a big there’s a

9:04lot of talk within the UAW about fear of

9:07losing their jobs fear of what’s coming

9:09next um and so I think this is a

9:12reflection of that um but I am extremely

9:15disappointed especially since uh it’s

9:18coming off of multiple speeches by

9:20President Shan feain that seem to say

9:22the exact opposite of what happened

9:24today and what President Biden was

9:26saying today and uh if I’m being quite

9:29Frank very disappointing considering

9:31this morning rashita T came and spoke

9:34with us as well um and spoke to our

9:36membership about what it meant to her so

9:40uh that’s all I have to add on that

9:43anyway I think it’s it’s hard

9:46because being here we just walk around

9:49with the CFA and people come up to us

9:52and say like thank you for doing this

9:55like so many people here are behind the

9:58ceasefire and it’s like it’s it’s a

10:01really warm amazing atmosphere and

10:04people are like fired up about this and

10:09I think uh you know it’s true there’s a

10:11kind of UAW members are known for being

10:14Fearless but there’s a there’s in

10:17moments a culture of fear that we

10:19haven’t gotten rid of yet and so I think

10:22I mean I I don’t want to speak for all

10:23three of us you guys can chime in but I

10:25think that we’re trying to show that you

10:27don’t need to be afraid to stand up to

10:30power and kind of present another

10:32positive option A positive Vision that

10:34isn’t rooted in just like being afraid

10:36of consequences and letting that

10:38determine everything of course you have

10:40to make a political calculus but it

10:42doesn’t have to be rooted only in fear

10:44it can also be rooted in a promise of a

10:46better world and that’s what we’re

10:47trying to create

10:50yes right I mean you know as as we

10:52mentioned in the introduction to this

10:54segment I mean at the time that the

10:57United Auto Workers uh uh formally

11:00signed on to the call for a ceasefire in

11:04Palestine um they were the largest Union

11:07to do so um only replaced this week by

11:10the Service international employees uh

11:13uh Union SEIU service employees

11:16International Union uh who have also um

11:19put out a call for permanent ceasefire

11:22uh and as y’all mentioned like Shan Fain

11:24himself uh you know has been um you know

11:27really at the Forefront of of the labor

11:29movement speaking out against the

11:31violence in Gaza us support of it uh and

11:35yeah how could it not uh undercut that

11:38message to then kind of turn around and

11:40endorse Joe Biden the the

11:42self-proclaimed Zionist president of the

11:44United States of America who has shown

11:47uh no signs really at all of um ending

11:50the US the continual us support for the

11:53very genocidal violence that the union

11:56was calling uh to end so I wanted to

11:59sort of um ask about that right because

12:01I think one question folks will have and

12:03especially given the fact that the

12:04United Auto Workers is not only you know

12:08representing uh workers in the Auto

12:10industry but as you three are are living

12:12proof of UAW has expanded to a number of

12:14other Industries including higher

12:16education uh where it has a a strong

12:19foothold in a number of universities

12:21around the country um and that’s an

12:23important part of the Union’s membership

12:25as well and I canit Envision folks

12:28watching this in trying to sort of pit

12:30that side of the UAW against you know

12:32the traditional Blue Collar you know

12:34rough neck sort of industrial worker

12:37side and the auto manufacturing side of

12:39the Union so I wanted to ask if you

12:41could comment on that if the folks who

12:42signed the petition who have been coming

12:45up to you represent the other sides of

12:47the UAW and if you wanted to to mention

12:50that for viewers and listeners and also

12:53if we could just go back around the

12:54table one more time and and sort of um

12:57yeah talk about about why this was so

13:00important to you all as union members as

13:04workers um and what your message is to

13:06to folks out there uh who are in a union

13:09or you know who are not about why they

13:12should get involved uh in this fight and

13:14what they can do to push for a ceasefire

13:17and to end this madness in

13:21Gaza well I think my answer will

13:23hopefully respond to both of your

13:25questions I think to start off um we

13:27want to really fundamentally reject the

13:29idea that this is some sort of highered

13:31workers versus blue collar workers or

13:34versus Auto Workers type of dynamic the

13:37people that have that are at this

13:39conference and that have been coming up

13:40to us and supporting us have covered all

13:43the industries that the UAW represents

13:46including people who are on the assembly

13:49lines for defense companies and are

13:52making some of the Weaponry that the US

13:55is sending to Palestine currently um or

13:59to Israel actually to sending sending to

14:02Israel to use on

14:04Palestinian unforunately and even those

14:08workers are extremely interested and

14:11have been talking to us about ways that

14:14we can figure out a just transition for

14:17the defense industry in this country so

14:19that we can keep those good union jobs

14:21but stop using the US defense industry

14:25as a way to oppress and colonize other

14:28countries or in this case to help

14:30another country colonize another country

14:33so I want to say that it’s all parts of

14:35the UAW membership that are on board

14:38with this and this is not a higher Edon

14:41issue I’d also say that um a big part of

14:45why this is a labor issue is not just

14:47because of international solidarity

14:49we’ve had calls from trade unionists in

14:51Palestine to stand up in solidarity with

14:53them and I think people have heard that

14:55but also because here in the US workers

14:59not just us other Industries as well

15:02have been facing a lot of push back from


15:06employers um when they try to speak out

15:09even the most sort of mild level of

15:11support of Palestine any even vaguely

15:15anti-israel statement is being used by

15:18employers at this point to suspend

15:21people to fire people in various ways um

15:24not just at our campuses where we’re

15:26employed but in different Industries as

15:28well and so I think that part of that

15:31fear as my comrades were saying is what

15:35is motivating people to really be

15:37concerned about voicing the support that

15:40they’ve privately shared with us out

15:42into the world I’d also want to name

15:45respectability Politics as one of the

15:47things that maybe have contributed to

15:50people shouting UAW UAW in response to

15:53our calls for ceasefire now because

15:55every other time we did it at this

15:57conference people were in extreme

16:00amounts of support and we coming up and

16:02congratulating us afterwards but after

16:04this particular instance we had the UA

16:06wuaw chance and then we had people

16:09coming up and say did you know you just

16:11disrupted the president did you just

16:13know that you disrespected the president

16:15I think this idea even though we live in

16:18a democracy even though we have free

16:20speech some people still hold on to this

16:22idea of treating our politicians like

16:26they’re almost Kings like royalty that

16:28we have to show this particular amount

16:31of Defence to and we’re rejecting that

16:33we’re saying the UAW has power right Joe

16:36Biden would not have come to the UAW

16:38looking for an endorsement if workers

16:40did not have power in this country we do

16:42not need to cow down in fear we need to

16:47stand up together and show that workers

16:49across this country support a free

16:51Palestine and support a permanent

16:53ceasefire right um I I I definitely

16:57agree with everything uh that China has

16:59just said and just to add on to that

17:01because I know you also asked about like

17:03what can we do um a lot of these

17:06conversations that we’ve been having

17:08actually all boil down to just awareness

17:12and education like a lot of the

17:14conversations I’ve been having with

17:15people they don’t know all the

17:16information maybe that we know about

17:18what’s H happening um in in Palestine or

17:21even the history of the conflict and so

17:24a lot of the conversation that we’ve

17:25been having have just been going over

17:27some of that basic information every

17:29single person I’ve talked to once I’ve

17:31done that like go wow I didn’t realize I

17:36didn’t know and so I think when it comes

17:38to other unionists trying to do similar

17:41kinds of movements in their unions

17:43getting their unions call for a

17:44ceasefire I think people really have to

17:46spend a good amount of time on speaking

17:49with their fellow union members and and

17:52and educating them on the truth because

17:55the only thing that they get to see is

17:57what American media shows them and as we

18:00all know at this current time it’s full

18:03of propaganda and lies um and they’ve

18:06never even heard the other side of this

18:08story so I think that’s going to be

18:11really important for us even moving

18:12forward um that educational aspect of it

18:16um because I think once people realize

18:19what’s actually going on that’s when

18:21they really start standing behind us

18:23like there were people I talked to over

18:24multiple days who on this last day came

18:27up and said hey we just signed I just

18:29signed your petition um and just to

18:32clarify the petition that we have

18:34specifically is asking for UAW cap to

18:37not endorse or fund candidates who have

18:40not called for a ceasefire so while what

18:42we saw there was like people chanting

18:45over us in the background we are still

18:48actively working to make some kind of

18:50essentially BDS happen within our

18:53Union yeah um I think that was all great

18:57and I guess I

18:58I want to add

19:00like anybody who came here to this

19:04conference will know that there is no

19:08division in UAW between the different

19:11Industries this is such a space of

19:13warmth and solidarity yeah and people

19:16know what our views are because we’ve

19:17been walking around with the cfas the

19:19entire time we all have ceasefire badges

19:22on our stickers there we gave out

19:24stickers people are wearing these all

19:25over the place by the way like all

19:27people are just it’s like you just walk

19:30around and you hit five people with a

19:32ceasefire sticker it’s everywhere right

19:34and we’ve been chanting getting up it’s

19:36speeches like there are a million

19:38opportunities and people people know

19:40that we’re in higher red too uh there

19:43are a million opportunities for people

19:46to you know say something unored about

19:50us or to us doesn’t happen we’re only

19:52getting thank you thank you for doing

19:55that like how can I be part of it we

19:57handed out flyers we literally ran out

20:00like three or four times of people

20:02asking for links to the petition or our

20:04website to join the movement like this

20:06is a big Grassroots movement and people

20:08here are interested and excited about it

20:11the only thing is you know convincing

20:13people to move past this initial anxiety

20:16that they’re still working through of

20:19like what can I do when I’m in a room

20:22with the president of the United States

20:24and he stands for something different

20:26you know we have to show people no it’s

20:28safe to do this you can you can take

20:30action to fulfill your vision for a

20:32better world but they share that vision

20:34and I really I see our movement growing

20:37every single day the fact that we

20:38managed to get like nearly a thousand

20:41signatures in the space of a couple days

20:43when we’re like all sleep deprived and

20:45barely coherent when we’re writing a

20:47petition that’s like that’s incredible

20:50that’s a sign of people being like fired

20:52up and I know there’s going to be some

20:55some change in UAW as long as the

20:57leadership follows through with their

20:59values and listens to their members

21:01right if I could add on really really

21:03quickly to that even because we’ve been

21:06chanting actually for the entire

21:07conference even right before President

21:10Biden came out people knew we were gonna

21:12like our members knew we were gonna do

21:15everybody knew and we had like I want to

21:17say at least like seven different people

21:19approach us before to like thank us

21:23offer us support they knew they were

21:25like if you get arrested we’re here for

21:27you like that all happened right before

21:31so even though like it may seem like we

21:33have Division I really don’t think I

21:36don’t perceive it that way we’re holding

21:38up the solidarity fist I don’t know hard

21:41because it got BL bled by secret service

21:43we were we were not alone there was

21:45solidarity in the room even if it was

21:47difficult to hear our table was full of

21:49people from other Industries it was like

21:51I’m goingon to say like 75% 25% of like

21:54these more conventional like Factory

21:57type jobs jobs manufacturing jobs and

21:59then the higher ed books we’re all

22:00sitting at the same table it’s like they

22:02took a p they asked for a picture

22:04together with us before CU they knew

22:06this would happen up their fists like

22:08we’re all on the same team here yeah

22:11just everyone offering can we call a

22:12lawyer for you can we do anything like

22:14are you concerned about getting arrested

22:15are you concerned about anything

22:16happening can we raise funds jail bond

22:19like jail funds people were expecting us

22:22to do this because we done it I mean we

22:24started chanting ceasefire now in the

22:27middle of one of Sean f speeches and he

22:29smiled and I have it on my Twitter and

22:31on the UAW Twitter actually so like

22:34people knew and they were happy for us

22:36and they were supportive going into it

22:39and I really just do want to highlight

22:40that I don’t think that there is

22:42division between higher ed and the rest

22:44of the UAW Industries what we did was in

22:47the very Spirit of the UAW and in the

22:49spirit of of unionists in general that’s

22:52right yes that’s right and we’ll be

22:53doing it again until President Biden

22:55calls for a ceas that’s correct that’s

22:56right free Palestine fre paltin hell

22:59yeah so that was shahinaz ganed Nikki

23:03Thomas and Johanna King three

23:05union members and organizers with UAW


23:092710 I want to thank our guests again

23:12for joining us and I want to thank you

23:14all for watching this segment with

23:15breaking points and be sure to subscribe

23:18to my news Outlet the real news network

23:20with links in the description of this

23:22video see you soon for the next edition

23:25of The Art of class war take care of

23:28yourselves take care of each other

23:30solidarity forever hey guys if you like

23:33that video go to breakingpoints

23:39docomond we’re building something new we

23:42want to replace these failing mainstream

23:43media organizations so again to

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