Workers Demand General Strike For Palestine & Against Genocide In Gaza At SFLC Meeting (Labor Video)

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Apr 13, 2024Workers demanded that the San Francisco Labor Council support a general strike for Palestine at their April 8, 2024 meeting. The Labor Council leadership has blocked any debate at the SFLC including even a resolution for a ceasefire that was submitted for the November 2023 meeting by APWU SF. The SFLC leadership tried to lock the door and were met with resistance. One of the leaders of the SFLC is Olga Miranda who is secretary treasurer of the council and president of SEIU 87. She has attacked the defense of Palestinian children at the labor council when a resolution was introduced to defend them. She is also a leading public supporter of AIPAC and has spoken at a past AIPAC conference supporting Israel and defending the apartheid racist regime. Additional Media: Workers Demand General Strike To Free Palestine At SF Labor Council As Bureaucrats Shutdown Action


0:00nobody for genocide has involved me in

0:03the Democratic party phone banking for

0:06the Democratic party that’s the

0:08political education and that’s the

0:10political involvement of all three of my

0:12unions get in with the Democratic party


0:17it to see what is happening to the Trade

0:20union movement I have people that are

0:23inside this

0:25room telling me that there is no

0:29genocide going on in Palestine even the

0:32United Nations is acknowledging that is

0:34a genocide in 5 months they have killed

0:3840,000 people and there is 70,000 people

0:43wounded and the majority are babies

0:46children children and women so I’m going

0:50to tell you guys you have trade

0:53unionists and who are there supposedly

0:56representing us workers

1:00speaking for us in there to

1:03please realize that that money that is

1:06being used to Mur

1:08children this genocide that is going on

1:11can be used to house the people that

1:13have no homes in this nation can be used

1:16to create affordable housing for all of

1:19us can be used to have free health care

1:23for all of us to have free quality

1:26education and to have good paying jobs

1:30shouldn’t that be what be at the heart

1:33of you is this trade unionist yes

1:36shouldn’t that be what you will be


1:39for yes stopping money for war and using

1:43it for the workers in here yes wouldn’t

1:46that be what you should do look at that

1:49woman she’s a worker yes she claimed to

1:52be a worker yes who come to close the

1:56door on us a worker that come to close

2:00the door on us I wonder if she’s going

2:02to touch me at all or push me or do

2:05anything I’m standing by the door shame


2:09you you


2:15represent I’m in charge of the building

2:17right now you represent I need to labor

2:22Council are you a trade Union your trade

2:26what’s your Trade union what is your

2:27trade we’re Trade union what’s your

2:30Trade union call call call the police if

2:33you want because they’re Trade union

2:35that’s what the trade unions are doing

2:36now calling the police on the coworkers

2:40yes you call the Democratic party you

2:42can close that door close it close it

2:44call Jo


2:51bid you don’t want to hear from the

2:53workers no you don’t want to hear from

2:55the seniors you don’t want to hear from

2:58the minorities you want to hear from the

3:01rich and Powerful from the Democratic

3:03Party from n fosi from Jo Biden that’s

3:07what you want to hear from you don’t

3:09want to hear from us who produce

3:11everything work every day of our life in

3:14order to create


3:18thiso yes that’s why we asking you call


3:22a May Day a work day

3:28for that’s what Happ T you you tou me we

3:32need to lock the

3:33door lock your door lock your door no

3:37this is a public meeting this is not a

3:39public Mee really it is for for workers

3:41no it


3:48isn’t Poli she’s going to call the

3:51police you leave her here you TR un

3:54leader is going to call the police on

3:57us leader is going to call the police on

3:59us Secretary of

4:02Labor who’s the Secretary of Labor I

4:04don’t know call the Secretary of

4:06Labor the Secretary of Labor come on go

4:10ahead said they’re angry they’re angry

4:13yeah they’re angry because we telling

4:15the truth and the truth Hur sell out

4:21shame on you yes shame on you you don’t

4:24touch me again you put your hand again

4:26on me I’m going to take you to court you

4:29cannot touch me you cannot touch me and

4:33now it’s in film now we filing how do

4:36they behave when they had protest

4:39outside yes find out what are you guys

4:42going to do inside I want to hear from

4:45all of you who are inside yes I want to

4:47hear from all of you put an name to the

4:50madness tell that woman to sit down and

4:53represent the workers yes yeah take a

4:56stand take a stand against the F

4:58attitude that woman who refused to

5:01identify herself yes oh I’m just a labor

5:04Council no you there they representing

5:07somebody yes shame on you shame on you

5:10shame on you and you come out and try to

5:12push me I’m a 75y old one you want to

5:16push me go ahead you want to do this go

5:19ahead go ahead shame on you yes shame on

5:22you shame on you hiding hiding you

5:25supposed to represent the workers

5:27there’s a genocide going on without

5:30money without tax money what are you

5:32going to do there’s a murder going on

5:34what are you going to do what are you

5:37going to

5:38do send me that cow

5:40there send that woman that animal there

5:44that’s all that she represent like I am

5:47an animal you are the one who are an

5:49animal out ofe

5:53now stop funding genocide stop funding

5:56genocide stop funding genocide stop fing

6:00genocide stop fing genocide stop fing

6:04genocide stop fing genocide stop fing

6:07genocide stop fing genocide stop fing

6:11genocide stop fing

6:13genocide I want look at that woman that

6:17scientist woman from

6:19Salvador who bully the last guy who got

6:23elected in her Union she bulli him out

6:27and the whole Union supported her

6:30all those people in the trade Union

6:31support her to bully out that young

6:34Salvadorian men and force the people to

6:38get out so now they calling I want you

6:40to please feel these are the leader the

6:42Trade union leader who are calling to

6:45for us to get out and I


6:50wonder don’t touch me don’t touch me

6:53this woman is coming close to me do not

6:57touch me do not touch me do not do not

7:01touch me you’re not the worker we’re the

7:03workers yes do not labor Council we’re


7:08workers we are the workers disrespecting

7:11anything we started doing

7:14this we’re the workers we’re against

7:17genocide I’m a retired Teamster local 85

7:21I’m against genocide genci yes very

7:25important come on better we’re the

7:28workers and we against genocide we are

7:31asking demanding that the Trade union

7:34right we have call call for a national

7:39strike for a national strike that’s

7:41right against the genocide going on in

7:45Palestine right this moment bombs are

7:48falling on babies and you worry about

7:50the door being open godamn it you are

7:53open you worry about the door being open

7:56you are union leader are worry about the

7:58door being open yes and you’re not worry

8:01about the babies that are being murdered

8:03shame on you shame on you you are not

8:06worry about the babies being murder you

8:08are not because you send money to to the

8:12over there for


8:16the this Latino woman put in the for

8:20fism this Latino woman put the faith of

8:24fism are the faith of fism woman

8:29three woman three three two

8:35woman yes you on you look at her what’s


8:42name oh my god did you enough money to

8:46the sist you want the guy to arrest us

8:50because that’s how you behave you the

8:52labor Council and let the

8:55sist as you vice

8:57president how very where are you that’s

9:00how you elect as your vice president to

9:03speak Coran for the workers somebody

9:07that support sism no we’re not we’re not

9:10blocking him are you you no we’re not

9:13blocking him we’re leaving the door open

9:16though cuz we’re the workers yes United

9:19work in United States come on people in

9:22United States belong to a union because

9:24you people you that type of people like

9:27you stop us from going Union Yes you

9:31people you sell out you sist stop us

9:37from joining the Unions that’s how it is

9:40bureaucracy so we asking redeem yourself


9:46yourself resolution for a general stri

9:49naal stri in this nation call for it

9:53call for this country stop financing

9:56genocide occupation

9:59the war against the Palestinian people

10:02and they use that money brothers and

10:04sisters use you as a great Union to be

10:06asking that that money should be

10:09used to house the

10:12homeless that that money should be used

10:15education that that money to be used for

10:19free health care that that money to be

10:22used to create good thing for all that’s

10:26what this is all about and they want to

10:28close the door

10:30all of you who are inside that room to

10:32call me being to unionist so if that’s

10:36what you want for the work to be shut

10:38down is that’s what you want that they

10:41pick us out is that’s what you want are

10:43you going to let the people speak for

10:45yourself I ask that for the delegat are

10:49you going to let the people speak for

10:51yourself are you going to let the evil

10:54wom I’m sorry the door needs to be

10:57closed the door needs to be closed




11:21heing me she has no right to put me

11:24that’s right you that she P it yes I saw

11:26her and he film she has no right he

11:28filmed right

11:30we want the door open we’re the

11:32workers this is the labor council

11:35meeting we’re the workers we’re labor

11:37have they done it decently it would have

11:39been different it would have been very

11:40the chicken to push us you don’t do that

11:44my father organized the First Union in

11:46my country my 75 year old woman he’s

11:48probably revolving in his tomb because

11:51of what you guys are doing how can those

11:53women come and treat us like that and

11:56represent you vice president of Union H

12:00vice president of break Palestinians are

12:02being killed and you’re worried about an

12:04Open Door on Filmore Street in San

12:06Francisco this is this is is that your

12:09values no actually what our values are

12:12is to listen to the reports of unions

12:15there are unions about ready to go out

12:17on strike and they’re talking about

12:19other issues going on with are they

12:22talking about genocide and Palestine

12:24that’s important to talk about are they

12:25talking about it we have talked about it

12:27so have too late 32,000 people are dead

12:31what what are you what are you we going

12:32to do about so the reason I the reason

12:34the reason I was asking is because it’s

12:36hard for people to hear the reports of

12:39other unions and you all do what you

12:42know if those


12:46apologize for pushing us the way they

12:49didn’t recognize that that’s they behave

12:51did they just try to push you yes yes if

12:53they public and I hear them say that we

12:56will continue outside here but I want to

12:58hear them as you president well you know

13:03know and she’s a vice president and she

13:05supports the zionists so what what is

13:08the conversation inside if the vice

13:11president supports Zionism who are you

13:13trying to bamboozle there young man

13:15who’s the lady right there who’s the

13:18vice president what who it’s her name

13:20Olga mirand Olga Olga she supports APAC

13:24and the Zionist so what is the

13:26conversation inside that room can you

13:28have that

13:30she’s secretary treasurer by the way she

13:31supports APAC and the zus so what is the

13:35conversation that’s occurring so what

13:37we’re trying to do right now right we’re

13:40trying to do right now is conduct a

13:41meeting where workers can tell stories

13:44about legitimate struggles that they’re

13:47engaged in right now and when you’re and

13:50when you’re chanting with the door open

13:52uhh it’s hard for people to hear the

13:55struggles that other workers are going

13:57through all I’m asking is for you to not

13:59do that but I’m going to tell you

14:01something they need to hear about the

14:04killing and the murder that is going on

14:07in in in Palestine they need to hear

14:10that they have the power to stop it and

14:13the reason why

14:15what we don’t have do you have the labor

14:19Council let’s not overstate what the

14:21labor Council labor Council doesn’t have

14:25the authority to St does the labor

14:26Council support the Democratic Party Joe

14:30Biden do it supports support the work

14:34strien lab you have the power to raise

14:37the issue and support the workers in a

14:39general stri all those people house not

14:42workers so that’s you know if you they

14:45they wanted they you know they really

14:47interested about solving the problem all

14:49of you as trade

14:51unionist that is linked like this to the

14:54money that is being sent over there to

14:57murder 40,000 th000 people 70 are one

15:00that the majority babies and and I have

15:03people to come and tell me from there

15:05that there is not a genocide going

15:08on and I have all that and you know

15:11those trillions you filming all this why

15:14not it’s fine I just wanted trillions

15:16trillions of dollars trillions of

15:18dollars that are being

15:20sent by the United States government of

15:23our tax money you tax money ta to murder

15:26the children and you tell me that he has

15:28nothing to do with your workers I didn’t

15:30say that no no no what I said what I

15:32said is that we don’t have the power you

15:34do you support the

15:36demat actually a lot of us don’t support

15:39the Democrats L of

15:43does election to election we make those

15:46decisions right genocide is Hing waiting

15:50for the next

15:53election you handed them out already we

15:56did do but pass it out say like this is

15:59something we

16:03support position I don’t know but you

16:05can you can push them yes course we we

16:08don’t have any power except to scream

16:10out here on the street you can go inside

16:12and and give your personal support over

16:15State we are all we all have the power

16:18when the work get together we have the

16:21power that’s why you have a union he was

16:23a struggle of people that’s right

16:25struggle of people outside you know we

16:27didn’t have food to eat but at home and

16:29we didn’t have the funds that you have

16:31when my father organized a union we we

16:34share the piece of bread that one got if

16:37you one got a piece of bre watch chair

16:39between three and four families we were

16:41all about workingclass Unity not about

16:43all this garbage of sell out or people

16:46making $300,000 when I make $40,000

16:49that’s what it is and they sell out and

16:51then I want to talk about my work

16:53struggle your work a struggle is link to

16:55the struggle of the people of Palestine

16:57period don’t don’t deny it

16:59don’t deny it and you do have the power

17:01because when you stop producing for this

17:03nation and paralyze this nation they

17:05have no other choice but to do it they

17:08have no other choice because there are

17:10thousands of people outside too marching

17:12all over the world demanding an end to

17:14this madness so you’re not alone you’re

17:16not alone but the Trade union need to

17:18take a stand stop making all that money

17:21stop making all that money representing

17:23the workers and you do not represent any

17:25of us stop making all that money that’s

17:27why we challenge you and you have those

17:29two bullies come out those two big

17:32bullies come out to try to push me over

17:34here and pretending and you allow that

17:37and they threaten that they going to

17:38call the police is that what the union

17:40does dear Lord Jesus Christ this is just

17:43too sad to see that’s why that’s why we

17:46were here that’s that we would have not

17:48been here with the open door we would

17:50have not done it I want that to be clear

17:52for everybody if they have show some

17:54respect but they didn’t show respect she

17:57came what the name of that other woman I

17:59don’t know what position is no no one

18:01and the other one yeah the first pushing

18:03me push from the beginning push me you

18:05saw her how she was pushing of course

18:07she’s going to P me she’s 200 lb you

18:10know bigger than me and I’m fat myself

18:12so that the whole situation here it is

18:15that I’m not going to let those happen

18:17in the memory of my father who organized

18:19that Union in the memory of my father

18:23and all those trade unionist in my

18:24country that were murdered for trying to

18:27build a union this piece of

18:30garbage she has a position in in in your

18:33labor Council the

18:36end no

18:38no I don’t see the labor Council or any

18:40of the trade unions leading any

18:42demonstrations to protest genocide where

18:45are the bureaucrats

18:47yes where they got the offices the

18:49budgets the Mino machines they’re not on

18:51the street understand I i’ I’ve come out

18:54you can protest but it’s hard for us to

18:57hear hi know what the reports are while

19:00you’ve got the door open and I’m asking

19:02you well I’m asking to shut this door

19:06hold the door you going to shut the door

19:07I’m not going to shut it right now well

19:09if you’re going to stand there you’re

19:11not going to shut it and you’re going to

19:12be making noise and work be hard for I

19:15want to hear that woman apologize and

19:16then I will shut the door okay you know

19:19unless that

19:24womana apologize okay well and that

19:27other woman who would refuse to give us

19:29her name or identity apologize

19:34could push me and put her hand on me

19:38okay so all right I we will not close

19:40the door if you care about your members

19:43ask that woman to apologize ask that

19:46woman to apologize for denying us the

19:49right to be here general strike for

19:52Palestine for Palestine stri for

19:56Palestine stri for palestin general

19:59strike for Palestine general strike for

20:02Palestine try to bully us because that’s

20:05how they work you can tell sadly

20:08Latinas bullying us yes pretending that

20:12they represent the workers because of

20:14the money that they make a trade

20:16unionist jobs not for war money for jobs

20:20not for war money for jobs not for

20:25War and the occupation

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