SEIU’s International Executive Board is Silencing rank and File on Palestine! (Purple Up 4 Palestine)

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A POWERFUL RESOLUTION FROM SEIU 1021 MEMBERS in solidarity with Palestine was undemocratically shut down by the IEB at SEIU’s annual convention in Philly! 

Members of 1021 worked hard to submit a powerful resolution to the SEIU international convention in Philadelphia in support of Palestine amid the ongoing genocide. Rank and file felt it was critical to heed the call of the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions-Gaza (PGFTU-Gaza), asking workers in the belly of the beast to create resolutions that supported a free Palestine.  

Of all the resolutions on the table at the convention, SEIU 1021’s Resolution #201 was the only one that actually named the atrocities in Gaza as GENOCIDE. But rather than allowing democratic debate and the voices of workers to be heard, the IEB pushed forward a “compromise” resolution that regurgitates Hasbara and debunked claims about sexual violence on October 7.  The resolution committee specifically forced their position onto the delegates in many ways. When the resolution reached the floor, they prioritized those voicing dissent on Resolution 201,  even though many people lined up to speak in favor of the resolution, citing Robert’s rules (when in fact you don’t have to allow dissent to speak if they are not in the queue).  The ultimate voting for resolution #201 was a voice vote, and delegates were NOT allowed to request a formal vote count.

Delegates were barred from raising the Palestinian flag, even though others throughout the day had raised other flags and political signs in support of the newly “elected” SEIU president. Specifically, sergeant at arms stopped a delegate from raising the Palestinian flag. The dissenting speakers were mostly all members of the resolution committee, and it was clear to members on the ground that they had an agenda: which is to not listen to members and delegates representing those members. Delegates requested an extension for debate and that was shot down, even though clearly more people had more to say about the 201 resolution. Finally, the newly elected president also showed favoritism for the water down, racist, and uninformed resolution.The message rank and file heard low and clear yesterday was this: SEIU bureaucrats prefer to orchestrate voting so the results are what they want, and higher ups will continue to follow the Democratic party line at the expense of workers’ democratic say in their union and even when it means continued complicity with occupation and genocide.

Higher ups at SEIU need to do better, and we will hold them accountable! We demand union democracy and we will not stop fighting from within our union against imperialism and with the oppressed people of the world! 

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