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3.17: Endorse NYCLAW’s Statement for Unified Mass Antiwar Action

Sun Feb 25, 2007 4:00 pm (PST)


NYCLAW is reposting the statement below in support of
unified antiwar action on the fourth anniversary of the war in

This is necessary because of a recent call from United for
Peace and Justice (UFPJ) for a March 18 protest in NYC, which
directly conflicts with longstanding plans by ANSWER, Troops Out
Now Coalition, and many others for a national march at the
Pentagon on March 17, which NYCLAW has endorsed. See: and .

[As in the past, NYCLAW also supports the regional protest by
antiwar GIs, vets and military families in Fayetteville, NC on
March 17. See: .]

Unfortunately, UFPJ has played a similarly negative role before.
See: , .

To endorse NYCLAW‘s statement, please go to

Please also sign the Open Letter to UFPJ, posted at:

Mass Movement to End the War Now
New York City Labor Against the War
January 24, 2007

Despite overwhelming rejection of its policies in the November
elections, the Bush administration has steadily escalated its war in
the Middle East.

This has meant not only ordering thousands more troops to Iraq and
Afghanistan, but arming and financing Israel’s attacks on Lebanon and
its increasingly brutal oppression of the Palestinians, launching a
proxy invasion of Somalia, and threatening to attack Iran and Syria.

As in all wars of conquest, ordinary people pay the price. In Iraq
alone, this war for oil and empire has killed at least 655,000 Iraqis,
caused 50,000 U.S. casualties, promoted civil war, and cost $1.2
trillion — with no end in sight.

Meanwhile at home, the administration continues to attack civil
liberties, the Arab-Muslim community, undocumented immigrants, Katrina
refugees, people of color and labor.

Yet this is a bipartisan war, and as a willing accomplice, the
Democratic Party cannot be trusted to end it. Even now, most
politicians refuse to cut-off funding for the occupation of Iraq, let
alone end the war as a whole.

History shows that the U.S. got out of Vietnam only due to tenacious
Vietnamese resistance and to the mass antiwar movement, particularly
among GIs.

Similarly, U.S. war in the Middle East today has been crippled by
overwhelming Iraqi resistance, which deserves the support of a mass
antiwar movement in this country.

This movement — which belongs to rank-and-file participants, rather
than the leaders of any organization — must join together in all
upcoming protests, including those on January 27 and March 17.

To be effective, the movement must be led by those with the strongest
need and greatest power to end the war, including GIs, veterans,
workers, people of color, and immigrants. It must also oppose the
entire war and demand justice — at home and abroad:


1. Immediate withdrawal from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia: No war
funding, timetables, redeployment, advisors, air-war, or aid to U.S.
client regimes. Reparations for U.S. devastation of the region.

2. No Support to the Israeli Apartheid State: End the $5 billion
annual U.S. government aid to Israel, divest all private investments
and union funds, boycott Israel, end the occupation and fully
implement the Palestinian right of return.

3. No Attacks on Iran and Syria — Or Anyone Else.


1. Defend Our Civil Liberties.

2. End Attacks on the Arab/Muslim Community.

3. Full Amnesty for Undocumented Immigrants: No detention or

4. Money for Human Need, Not for War: Rebuild the Gulf Coast for —
and under the control of — Katrina survivors. Decent jobs, food,
housing, healthcare, education and transportation for all poor and
working people.

NYCLAW Co-Conveners
(Other affiliations listed for identification only):

Larry Adams
Former President, NPMHU Local 300

Michael Letwin
Former President, UAW Local 2325/Assn. of Legal Aid Attorneys

Brenda Stokely
Former President, AFSCME DC 1707; Co-Chair, Million Worker March

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New York City Labor Against the War (NYCLAW)
nyclaw at
PO Box 620166, PACC, New York, NY 10129



Today, 11th of February 2007, we, the Palestinian labour federations,
vocational and professional trade unions, and the grassroots Palestinian
Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, have convened a press conference to
announce a call for solidarity with our workers and the Palestinian
people endorsed by the General Union of Palestinian Workers, Palestinian
General Federation of Trade Unions, the Coalition of Independent
Democratic Trade Unions and other professional unions.

This call addresses the Arab and International Trade Unions and, in
particular, the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions, the
Arab League, the Arab Labour Organization, the International Labour
Organization, the International Trade Union Confederation, the
Organization of African Trade Union Unity, the Palestinian people and
the international community.
We call upon all the above to:

• Boycott and divest from Israel
• Work towards sanctions upon Israel

Until Israel stops its crimes against our people and implements
international law safeguarding human rights for all.

This call from the Palestinian workers movement is part of our struggle
against the Occupation and for Freedom, Self-determination, the Right of
Return, Social Justice and a Palestinian independent state with its
capital as Jerusalem and to end the racism against our people inside the
Green Line.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Occupation of the West Bank
and the Gaza Strip, and next year will mark 60 years from the Nakba. In
the meanwhile, the Palestinian people still yearn for their right to
live free in their homeland, and 6.8 million refugees scattered all over
the world strive for their right (as enshrined in international law,
including UN resolutions) to return to their homes, villages and cities.

It is imperative to recognize that since its inception, the Histadrut
has supported the Occupation and enacted racist policies against our
workers, denying them their rights. It has kept silent in front of
Israel’s crimes against our people throughout the decades of occupation.
We are thus asking the international trade unions to boycott the
Histadrut to pressure it to guarantee rights for our workers and to
pressure the government to end the occupation and to recognize the full
rights of the Palestinian people.

Since July 2002, the Occupation is creating a new reality on the ground
via construction of the Apartheid Wall. It turns the West Bank into
ghettos, escalates the confiscation and isolation of our lands and water
and increases racist policies against our people, eventually destroying
the dream of a Palestinian state. On top of this, the Occupation
continues with the policies of “targeted assassinations”, home
demolitions, expulsion of non-Jews from Jerusalem and destruction of
homes and historical monuments there, attacks on holy sites, and
destroying our industries and entire economy then exploiting our
workers, starving our people in order to force the Occupation’s projects
upon us so that we will eventually surrender.

Today, we initiate as the Palestinian Labour Movement a Workers’ Call
for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) to build upon the United
Palestinian Call for BDS against Israel to the International Community.
This call has been signed by more than 170 Palestinian organizations and
political parties from the West Bank, Gaza and the Diaspora.

We thank and express our gratitude to the movements, unions and
organizations all over the world that in the last two years have taken
up the call for boycott and launched campaigns in their countries. They
challenged the Zionist lobby and have shown steadfastness in the face of
attacks instigated against them.

We thus ask the international trade unions to grant their support to
these initiatives in their countries, to organize their own boycott
campaigns and to coordinate international efforts to effectively
implement boycotts, divestment and sanctions in order to:

1. Stop the crimes committed against our rights, above all occupation
and the expulsion of our people;

2. Tear down the wall of silence built up by the international community
in order to finally shun the crimes of the Occupation;

3. Keep the conscience of the world alive and nurture respect for
international human rights law while promoting its implementation;

4. Reach a just and comprehensive solution for the Palestinian cause.

Greetings to the Liberation Struggle of our Workers.

Greetings to those around the World Standing in Solidarity
and Struggling for the Palestinian Cause.

Eternal Glory to Martyrs for Freedom Everywhere.


General Union of Palestinian workers: Haidar Ibrahim (General Secretary)

Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions: Amneh Rimawi / for:
Shaher Sa’ad (Steering committee)

Coalition of Independent Democratic Trade Unions: Muhammad al Arouri

General Union of Palestine Labor Vocational Associations: Hassan Sharake
(General Secretary)

Palestinian Farmers Union: Adel Abu Ne’meh (General Secretary)