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2004.04.21: Michael Letwin Nomination to USLAW Steering Committee

Michael Letwin Candidacy for USLAW Steering Committee
April 21, 2004

I am co-convener of New York City Labor Against the War, which was the first post-9/11 labor antiwar committee established in the U.S. I am also a member of the UFPJ National Steering Committee and the USLAW Continuations Committee.

Founded in September 2001 by an interracial group of elected local union officers[1] and rank‐and‐file union members, NYCLAW has played a leading role in both labor antiwar activity and within the broad antiwar movement.

NYCLAW’s founding statement was issued on September 27, 2001, just 16 days after 9/11.

Since then, it has been endorsed by some 1500 trade unionists, including scores of union officers, and has been widely circulated in many languages (e.g., English, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish),[7] served as a model for similar action elsewhere,[1a] and has been accompanied by a listserv with an equal number of subscribers.


NYCLAW has sought to deepen its local roots through a one-day organizing conference on October 19, 2002, attended by more than 100 trade unionists from NYC and beyond; has established affiliated labor antiwar committees in healthcare, teachers, postal and transit; and has initiated and/or supported antiwar resolutions adopted by AFSCME DC 1707 and DC 37; PSC‐CUNY; 1199SEIU; UAW Region 9A and other unions.

As part of its focus on workers of color, it held a December 12, 2001 forum on civil liberties and immigrant rights attended by about 100 people[8]; in March and September 2002, organized labor solidarity protests in solidarity with immigrant detainees in Brooklyn, that were endorsed by some sixteen labor bodies and attended by nearly 400 people[11]; picketed the May 21, 2002 AFL-CIO Executive Council meeting to protest investment in Israeli bonds[12]; and sponsored NYC Palestinian trade union tour [DATE].


In October 2001, NYCLAW helped convene the earliest labor antiwar network, which included ad hoc committees in the Bay Area, D.C., Albany and elsewhere.[4] In 2001-2002, NYCLAW members brought antiwar resolutions to the international conventions of TWU[5], AFT and AFSCME.

NYCLAW helped build the first USLAW meeting in January 2003, and has been a consistent and persuasive advocate for broad, unqualified opposition to war and occupation – regardless of UN endorsement – and of USLAW representation for ad-hoc antiwar committees.[2a]

At its January 2003 founding meeting, USLAW adopted NYCLAW’s proposals for the organization’s name and for the essence of its unity statement. The October 2003 USLAW conference adopted NYCLAW’s proposal to support the Military Families’ demand to “Bring the Troops Home Now,” and to retain USLAW’s name.

[Iraq labor tour]


NYCLAW has also played a leadership role within the broader antiwar movement. It helped establish the New York Coalition for Peace and Justice, which held a 10,000‐strong protest on October 7, 2001, the day war began in Afghanistan.[3]

Since that time, it has co-sponsored, spoken and/or coordinated labor mobilization at numerous national and international mass antiwar events, including November 18, 2001 (London),[6] February 2, 2002 (NYC)[9], April 20, 2002 (DC)[10], October 26, 2002 (DC), January 18, 2003 (DC), February 15, 2003 (NYC), Mid‐March 2003 (NYC), March 23, 2003 (NYC), April 2003 (London), October 25, 2003 (DC), and March 20, 2004 (NYC). Within the movement, it has successfully advocated for united action between ANSWER, UFPJ and all other major antiwar coalitions; for adoption of “Bring the Troops Home Now” and for full inclusion of Arab-Muslims and Palestinians.

In March 2004, PSC-CUNY honored NYCLAW with a “Friend of CUNY Award.”

Michael Letwin, Growth of Labor Anti?War Action Tied to Bush’s Anti?Worker Moves (Labor Notes, 2003), at:


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