NewsGuild-CWA members call on our EC to stand with Palestine

NewsGuild-CWA members call on our EC to stand with Palestine

CWA members in solidarity for Palestine. The NewsGuild must stand on the right side of history. Support a ceasefire! End US aid to Israel!

Only the members of the Executive Council will receive your letters.

As your union siblings, we understand the importance of anonymity in many of the industries represented by the NewsGuild, yet we feel the urgent need to speak up about the ongoing crisis in Gaza. That is why we need the Executive Council of our international union to be OUR voice!

As of now, over 11,400 Palestinians, 4,100 of whom are children, have been killed. At least 42 media workers (37 Palestinian, 4 Israeli, 1 Lebanese) have been killed, 9 injured, 3 missing, 13 arrested. This doesn’t include the numerous who have been victims of assault, threats, cyber attacks, censorship, or those who have had family killed.

Those who remain are working without access to food, water, or sufficient medical supplies due to the repeated bombing of hospitals, including the targeting of a pediatric cancer ward. As organized labor representing media workers, NewsGuild-CWA must acknowledge the unilateral destruction affecting the work of journalists within Gaza.

Our union must pressure the U.S. government to stop funding and supporting Israel’s ongoing genocide against Palestinians. The billions spent on weapons and war should instead be put towards life-affirming systems such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure that benefits the working class.

We implore the TNG-CWA to be on not just the right side of history, but to honor the foundational commitment outlined in our constitution: “To raise the standards of journalism and ethics of the industry; to foster friendly cooperation with all workers.” Living up to those words requires nothing less than demanding a ceasefire and an end to our governments’ aid to Israel.



Detroit, Michigan

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