Resolution: No Endorsements for Imperialist War! (Oakland Education Association)

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Resolution: No Endorsements for Imperialist War!


WHEREAS the Oakland Education Association has passed a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and demanding that the US halt military aid to Israel 

WHEREAS OEA is a member of the coalition Bay Area Labor for Palestine

WHEREAS the National Education Association has taken a pro-ceasefire position and calls on the public to support an immediate ceasefire

WHEREAS the Israeli military has killed 29,000 civilians (including 12,000 children) in Gaza since October 7, destroying 300,000 homes and displacing 1.9 million people (more than 80% of the population of Gaza)

WHEREAS The International Court of Justice has found it is “plausible” that Israel has committed acts that violate the Genocide Convention.

WHEREAS Many local government bodies have passed ceasefire resolutions, including the  Alameda Labor Council and Oakland City Council

WHEREAS as a union of educators and members of the nation’s largest union, we are committed to supporting candidates who share our values of “building respect for the worth, dignity, and equality of every individual in our diverse society

WHEREAS We are categorically opposed to genocide, and will fight tirelessly against the violation of human rights, particularly the rights of children 

WHEREAS the US has vetoed the UN Security Council’s cease-fire resolution three times since October 7

WHEREAS the Biden administration has pushed a bill to send $14 billion USD in military aid to Israel while the humanitarian aid being let into the border is less than 20% of what is needed to sustain the basic needs of Gaza’s population. 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the Oakland Education Association calls on NEA, the national affiliate, to revoke its endorsement of Joe Biden for President of the United States until his administration:

  • Calls for a permanent ceasefire
  • Stops providing military aid to Israel
  • Calls on Israel to end its siege of Gaza and withdraw its illegal settlements from the West Bank.
  • Demands that Israel complies with international law and universal principles of human rights

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED OEA shall add the following to its list of endorsement criteria for local and state elections 

  • Pledge to defend the academic freedom and freedom of speech of all educators, including those who express support for Palestinian liberation
  • Pledge to support local legislation that in favor of Palestinian liberation such as ceasefire resolutions 
  • Pledge to oppose any legislation that equates criticism of Israelis policies and/or legal system to anti-semitism and that would penalize individuals, including teachers and school workers, who oppose Israeli policies
  • Refrain from any and all affiliation with the Israeli government or Zionist lobbying groups
  • Publicly support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement;
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