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ILWU Rank and File Back Picket Of Zim Ship Piraeus at Port Of Oakland (Labor Video Project)

ILWU Rank and File Back Picket Of Zim ship Piraeus At Port Of Oakland

In a four day labor community picket at the Port of Oakland, ILWU rank and file from Local 10 and Local 34 abided by a picket line despite the presence of hundreds of police and Alameda County Deputies to force the longshore workers to cross the picket lines.

The picketing which took place between August 17 through August 20, 2014. After failing to get longshore to work the cargo at port operator SSA. The ship left the terminal went out to sea and then returned to Ports America where efforts were made to unload the cargo by deceiving members of the unions. Only a small percentage of the cargo was removed and the ship left for Russia without fully unloading and not picking up any cargo. This successful solidarity picket against the role of Israel in the bombing and massacres of the people of Gaza backed by US military and economic aid is a real threat to the Israel shipping line.

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