N21: Zim Customer Call In Day (Block the Boat Tampa)


In a continuation of sustained and steadfast pressure on the embattled ZIM Integrated Shipping Services, Block the Boat Tampa is calling for a GLOBAL CALL IN day against ZIM, who is complicit in the continued occupation, murder, theft and oppression of the Palestinian people-

The ZIM Alabama has cancelled all visits to the Port of Tampa for the rest of the year! The Maria Pia, a ship also leased and used by ZIM has also been phased out! We have them on the the ropes, DON’T STOP NOW!!

On November 21st, the day that the smaller replacement ship, the ISAO, will be docking, lets welcome them to Tampa by spending the day sending thousands of calls and emails, coming from EVERY PORT CITY THAT ZIM SHIPS DOCKS IN, this is both ports that have established Block the Boat mobilizations and those who do not, to their global customer base, those they lease the ship from, those who ship product on their ships and anyone else involved in a financial relationship with ZIM, will have their info posted on this event page and we ask for everyone to be prolific! Be steadfast! Let them know that they need to use another company and sever all ties to ZIM!


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