Students Want to Learn About the Genocide in Palestine! [In support of Bay Area Labor for Palestine]

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Open Letter to OUSD and Oakland Educators

Addressing the genocide in Palestine is not merely a political stance; it is an ethical obligation that calls for our attention and engagement. As students and teachers, we must stand up against the grave human rights violations occurring in Palestine. We strongly believe that understanding the history and causes of the ethnic cleansing and genocide in Palestine is crucial for developing informed citizens who contribute meaningfully to the world. 

We, the undersigned students, educators, and family members, demand that our school district expand its curriculum to include Palestinian voices and perspectives about the ongoing crisis in Palestine. We demand that the district cease its intimidation and retaliation tactics against educators who are incorporating anti-racist and liberatory pedagogy, such as the recent retaliation against the Oakland to Gaza teach-in, as well as the cancellation of the Westlake reservation for Bay Area Labor for Palestine. We also urge our teachers to hold classes or sessions about the occupation of Palestine, the history of Zionism, and its roots in racism, colonialism and imperialism. By doing so, they would equip us with the knowledge and compassion necessary to advocate for justice and human rights.

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