SWCD & GOLD-UE BC/CAT Joint Statement Calling for the Resignation of President Sian Beilock

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SWCD & GOLD-UE BC/CAT Joint Statement Calling for the Resignation of President Sian Beilock

2 May 2024

President Sian Beilock’s decision to arrest 90+ peaceful protesters, including student workers, faculty, and student journalists on the Green last night is deplorable, inexcusable, and shameful. In calling droves of state troopers in riot gear to our campus to brutalize members of our community protesting the genocide in Palestine, President Beilock has undertaken a great assault on labor rights, academic freedom, and the right to free assembly and expression. In warring upon her own College, she has eroded all her legitimacy and is no longer fit to serve as its President. SWCD and the Bargaining Committee and Collective Action Team of GOLD-UE, the unions of Dartmouth College student workers, call for her immediate resignation. We also call for all charges to be dropped without delay.

An injury to one is an injury to all: we will not sit idly by as our members, colleagues, and friends are beaten up at the orders of an unaccountable, uncontrolled administration. We will not allow striking workers to be hounded by bosses. We will not let President Beilock take away the right of our members to participate in protected, concerted activity, discriminate against union members or political viewpoints, or threaten members’ health and safety. SWCD and GOLD-UE BC/CAT will take any and all actions necessary to enforce our rights. 

We call all laborers of Dartmouth to unite in one voice against the Presidency of Sian Beilock. It has been demonstrated that only we, students, faculty and workers, can build a democratic College. We make Dartmouth run, and we can bring it to a halt. 

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