Resolution Against the War in Gaza (IBEW 48)

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International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

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Portland, OR 97230

Resolution Against the War in Gaza

WHEREAS, solidarity with workers everywhere is a crucial part of labor unionism, and the

workers’ struggle has no borders; and

WHEREAS, every day now we are seeing the horrifying bombing and massive killing of the

working people of Gaza, and their children, with arms supplied by the same U.S. government that

carries out strikebreaking against workers here, with over 25,000 already killed and the death toll

slated to grow higher day by day; and

WHEREAS, working-class opposition to this U.S./lsrael war goes hand in hand with the labor

motto, “An injury to one is an injury to all” as well as the call, “Arab, Jewish, black and white,

workers of the world unite.”

THEREFORE, be it resolved that IBEW Local 48 suppots the Palestinian trade unions’ call for labor

everywhere to stop the shipment of arms for this U.S./lsrael war; that we salute dock transport

workers in Barcelona, Belgium, Italy and elswhere who have stated their refusal to handle arms

shipments for this war; and that we support and encourage efforts for such workers’ actions here

in the U.S. to stop the arms shipments; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, opposing what is in effect yet another U.S. war, this time against

the people of Gaza, we call for the immediate end to Israel’s bombing of Gaza; Israel out of Gaza

and the West Bank; end all arming and funding for it now.

Resolution approved by the membership of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

(IBEW), Local Union 48 at their regular membership meeting on February 28, 2024

OPEIU#ll/AFL -CIO tel: 503-256-4848 fax: 503 251 9952 ® ~ 130

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