The announcement of the establishment of the new Palestinian trade Unions

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The announcement of the establishment of the new Palestinian trade Unions

On Saturday, 19.03.2016 it was announced the establishment of the new Palestinian trade unions in Ramallah by the presence of Mr. Nasser Kitami, Undersecretary of the Palestinian Ministry of Labor and Bassam Salhi, secretary-general of the Palestinian People’s Party and Omar Shehadeh, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and representatives for the Palestine Committee Trade Union Section Norway, and with the participation of representatives of civil society organizations, trade unionists and a large representatives from the members of the New Unions.

Mohammad Jawabrah opened the trade union congress and he announced the birth of the organization of new Palestinian trade union that its responsibility is to defend the rights of the Palestinian people to live in justice, democracy society in order to get the freedom. Mr. Nasser Kitami, undersecretary of the Palestinian Ministry of Labor congratulated the participants because of their success conference and he wished to them the success and he expressed the readiness of the Ministry of Labour for cooperation in all areas of trade union work and social partnership that providing the possibilities for the success of trade union work enable them to defend workers’ rights. He emphasized on the importance of trade union pluralism in the work in order to support the national and social project and support our Palestinian people.

Bassam Salhi, secretary-general of the Palestinian People’s Party emphasized on the development and support of the union work to strengthen its role in defending of the interests of workers and to improve their living conditions and the achievement the social justice. He also talked about the trade union pluralism which does not contradict with the unity of the union work.

Salhi talked about the Struggle experience for the teachers and he called for learning from this experience and the importance of equal the rights between all professional sectors.

Omar Shehadeh, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine conveying the greetings of Secretary General Ahmad Saadat and his deputy, Abu Ahmed Fouad to conferences and he support this Union in the hope that defending the rights of Palestinian workers and to promote the international solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Shehadeh emphasized on the importance of the Palestinian uprising and its goal and it still until the end of occupation and settlement and he praised on the movement of the teachers, and they should take all their rights in all the fields.

From the Palestine Committee of Norway, and trade unions in Norway, Mr. Thomas emphasized on his support to NU and support the struggle of the Palestinian people through resistance to the occupation and the settlements, and the parole of breaking connections with Histadrut in the Norwegian trade unions.

From the old unionists, Adnan Dagher talked about his experience of struggle and the trade union and the role that played by the trade union movement in the national and social field, and he called the members of NU to learn and rework union work to achieve the rights of the workers.

Finally Mohammad Bladi, the President of the Constituent Committee of the NU thanked the audience and the participants and all those who provided support to NU until this conference.

Thomas greeting the Congress on behalf of the Norwegians

Bladi talked about the stages of the establishment by adopting the workers’ issues who abandoned them by frameworks Official unions, which pushed for the need to build a new trade union organization depends on associative class, voluntary, democracy and independence and enable the workers to struggle in order to stop the violation of their dignity and disregard their rights and stop rebates unwarranted for those who working in Israel and retrieve the organize fees that are shared between the Histadrut and the number of trade unions, Bladi emphasized that they want unions that can struggle in order to apply the labor law and the minimum wage and the reduction of fatal work injuries and the creation of a labor court and social security should be fair and just.

After the end of the party opening, the conference started working through the verification of the quorum law of the Conference, which was attended by a large number of its members, and there was serious discussions about the rules of procedure for the union which was approved unanimously.

Last was elected the union council, consisting of 31 members of the Federation, who elected an executive committee composed of 17 members who are:-

1. Fadwa Qasmia
2. Nahla Othman
3. Wafaa Nassif
4. Salwa Odeh
5. Ali Rezqallah
6. Faed Ibdah
7. Zahi Zalmout
8. Fahd Mulaitat
9. Mohammed Wajih
10. Jaber Tmezi
11. Mustafa Shata
12. Rebhi Bakr
13. Hussein Barghouti
14. Jamal Juma
15. Mahmoud Abdel Razek Mohsen
16. Mohammad Bladi
17. Mohammad Jawabra

With our best regards Mohammad Blidi NU


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