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End the War — Bring All the Troops Home Now! (NYCLAW)

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Saturday, April 29, 2006 – NYC
End the War – Bring All the Troops Home Now!

No More Blood for Empire, Oil and Profit
*Immediate withdrawal of occupation forces from Iraq, Afghanistan & the entire Middle East.
*No “timetable.”
*No “advisors.”
*No “redeployment.”
*No air war.
*No war on Iran.
*End all aid to the Israeli apartheid state
*Freedom for Palestine.
*U.S. hands off the Philippines, Colombia, Haiti, Venezuela, Cuba and the rest of the world.

Defend Working People At Home
*No human being is “illegal”
*Full amnesty for undocumented immigrants.
*End the attack on Arab/Muslim rights.
*Reconstruction and the right of return for Katrina victims.
*Decent wages and benefits for all workers.

Labor Contingent
Assembles 10:30 a.m., on 19 St., between Broadway & Park Ave. S.
March begins at 12 Noon

Flyer Issued by:
NYC Labor Against the War (NYCLAW)


New York City Labor Against the War

The U.S. war in Iraq is built on one lie after another: “weapons of mass destruction,” “stopping terrorism,” “promoting democracy,” and now, “preventing civil war.”

In reality, it is a naked grab for oil and empire, enforced with slaughter, torture and death squads.

Such lies have been used to launch brutal U.S. wars of empire throughout U.S. history. And, as always, working people pay the terrible price.

This war has killed thousands of Iraqis and G.I.s, looted the economy and promoted ethnic division.

At home, the “War on Terror” since 9/11 has meant racist attacks on the Arab/Muslim community and immigrants, assault on civil liberties, billions of wasted dollars, massive cuts in social safety net, betrayal of Katrina refugees, and weaker labor unions.

Bipartisan Empire

None of this is an accident. It is part and parcel of Bush’s shameless exploitation of 9/11 to increase U.S. domination of the Middle East and the rest of the world.

But the Republicans couldn’t have done it without the Democrats, who have fully supported war and occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq, threats to attack Syria and Iran, Israeli apartheid and ethnic cleansing, the Patriot Act, and many other Bush policies. Their real complaint is that Bush is losing the war.

Grassroots Resistance

But the U.S. empire has bred resistance across the planet.

By standing up to the most powerful military in world history, ordinary Iraqis have prevented the conquest of their country, and stopped the U.S. from invading Iran, Syria or other countries on its hit list.

The empire also faces resistance amongst poor and working people in Palestine, Afghanistan, Colombia, Haiti, the Philippines, Venezuela and many other countries.

At home, widespread antiwar sentiment is clear from the voices of military families and veterans, mass demonstrations, local resolutions, counter-recruitment, and labor bodies representing millions of workers.

A growing number of G.I.s-workers in uniform-have refused to reenlist, gone AWOL or deserted.

Meanwhile, Bush’s war at home has generated opposition from Katrina refugees, NYC transit workers, and a new mass immigrant’s rights movement.

Mass movements like these stopped the bloody U.S. war in Vietnam. In the same way, we can stop today’s war of empire.

Who We Are

New York City Labor Against the War (NYCLAW) was founded by trade unionists immediately after 9/11 to oppose U.S. wars of empire.

Join us at NYCLAW meetings on the first Monday of each month, at 6:30 p.m.

For more information, contact, or 917-282-0139.