NYSNA Leadership! Your Silence is BLARING!! (NYC Healthcare Workers for Palestine)

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NYSNA Leadership! Your Silence is BLARING!!

It has been weeks since nurse Hesen Jabr was escorted out of her L&D job at NYU. After receiving an award for the compassionate care of families who face the enormous grief of losing a child, she was fired for speaking about families from her own country of Palestine who are also suffering the immeasurable loss of their babies due to the ongoing genocide. This firing is not only unethical because of its censorship, but is explicitly racist, targeting Hesen for her nationality. While NYU is not unionized by NYSNA, NYSNA sets the tone for all nursing workplaces representing more than 42,000 nurses in New York State. And yet, NYSNA has been silent about nurse Hesen’s firing.

We demand that NYSNA offer support to Hesen, including a statement denouncing her termination, and a promise to offer support should she take a job in a NYSNA represented unit. We further demand that NYSNA be explicit about its promise to support its own workers against unlawful firing due to national heritage and political positions. We continue to demand that NYSNA disclose and divest from genocide as originally demanded in our petition now signed by over 200 nurses (tinyurl.com/NYSNAAgainstGenocide).

NYSNA, as the largest union of nurses in New York, you are responsible to speak out and take righteous action. You owe it to NYSNA nurses, as well as nurses across the city, state, country, and world.


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