Labor Fights for Palestine: No Chemical Attacks in Our Workplace (SWC UAW 2710)

Original online here.

Join us this Thursday, March 7 at 1pm in front of Studebaker Hall as we rally to demand a workplace free from chemical attacks and the tacit support for genocide that enables them!

On Thursday, SWC will be meeting with the university as part of the formal union grievance process to argue that Columbia’s refusal to condemn the ongoing genocide in Gaza only encourages actions like the chemical attack on our community on Jan. 19th. Time and time again, the university has told us that attacks on our members don’t constitute a workplace safety issue and have nothing to do with our rights as workers. That’s why we need everybody in the community to come out and join us as we rally outside the meeting and let Columbia know that we won’t stand by and do nothing when our members are under attack both inside and outside the classroom. See you there! (Masks recommended and will be provided.)

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