Dear Labor Studies Community (UCLA Labor Studies Program)

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Dear Labor Studies Community:

The events on campus over the post week have been horrifying and completely unacceptable. We witnessed our students, staff, and faculty being brutally attacked, first by a fascist, right-wing mob, and then by law enforcement agents. Regrettably, the university administration has demonstrated that it has not been capable of or willing to keep our campus safe. In fact, it has made the university even more dangerous through its further militarization of campus and continued arrests of dozens of students as recently as yesterday.

In light of these circumstances, the UCLA Labor Studies Program has made the decision to boycott this Saturday’s Bruin Transfer Day because we are not able to guarantee our incoming students and their families a sense of safety and security on campus. Moreover, we refuse to engage in celebratory campus activities while the right of our students to peacefully protest the ongoing genocide in Gaza continues to be suppressed. We look forward to welcoming our incoming transfer students to UCLA and our Labor Studies Program, but we will do so under the conditions our new students deserve. 

Chris Zepeda-Millán
Labor Studies Program Chair

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