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BDS Campaign Expanding: Let’s Forge Ahead (CUPW)

Thursday February 11 2016

At its 2008 Convention, CUPW adopted a resolution supporting the BDS campaign. The call for a boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel was made by more than 175 Palestinian unions, groups and organizations in 2005, with a view to forcing the State of Israel to negotiate peace and recognize the right of Palestinians to self‑determination.

Ten years later, we know that international pressure is now playing a significant role in leading to the resolution of the Israeli‑Palestinian conflict. Here is a look at CUPW’s current solidarity work with Palestine:


  • In late 2015, the National Executive Board adopted a project to support the work of the Palestinian Postal Service Workers Union (PPSWU). The project is aimed at financially supporting the preparation of the PPSWU’s Annual Conference, which is scheduled for May of this year.
  • The Union is now supporting STOP THE WALL, a Palestinian organization that coordinates the activities of groups involved in mobilizing local residents who are directly affected by the Separation Wall. You can visit its website at The Union encourages you to support this organization.
  • The Union also invites you to visit the website of WE ARE NOT NUMBERS (, where Palestinians share their day‑to‑day stories. Theirs is a call to sharing and solidarity.
  • The Union has agreed to fund a request by Independent Jewish Voices, which is sponsoring a tour by Hiedar Abu Thosh, a Palestinian who was driven from his village (Imwas) in 1967 by the Israeli army. Canada Park, financed by the Jewish National Fund of Canada, was built on the site of his village. His tour dates will be announced at a later date.

THE BDS Campaign!

There are several ways of demonstrating our solidarity and support for the BDS campaign:


  • SodaStream, an illegal product manufactured in an illegal Jewish settlement under an illegal occupation, but still sold at The Bay, Canadian Tire, Target, and Staples;
  • products with a barcode starting with “729” (Israel);
  • Ahava cosmetics, which are manufactured from Dead Sea minerals (in occupied territory), sold at The Bay;
  • products like underwear and hydration systems produced by Israeli defence industries, which are sold at Mountain Equipment Coop;
  • Indigo/Chapters, whose shareholders support the Israeli military through the Heseg Foundation.


  • Request the withdrawal of our Pension Plan investments in Israeli companies like Caterpillar, Motorola, ITT Industries and United Technologies;
  • suspend funding, financial or organizational support and recognition of Israeli research centres or cultural programs.


Demand that the federal government:

  • vote in favour of resolutions censuring Israel for its violations of international law (the 5th Geneva Convention);
  • ban any imports from the occupied territories;
  • terminate its Free Trade Agreement with Israel.

Let’s show our solidarity with the palestinian people


Mike Palecek
National President

Zero Tolerance for Bullies (Canadian Union of Postal Workers)


Canadian Union of Postal Workers

Download in PDF format: Bulletin 002 Zero Tolerance for Bullies-EN

Zero Tolerance for Bullies

Wednesday May 13 2015

The federal government has recently suggested that they may try to criminalize criticism of Israel and its policies, as part of a “zero tolerance” policy on hate speech. Their new definition of hate speech may include support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, which is having its intended effect: to exert real pressure on the state of Israel to review and repeal its apartheid policies that oppress the Palestinian people.

CUPW has had constructive debate within the union, and has resolved democratically to support the BDS movement. We work for self-determination and human rights for the Palestinian people and an end to oppression and occupation. As it once did in South Africa, economic divestment and boycott is proving to be an effective part of the international effort.

This spring, more than 70 organizations joined us in signing a statement on defending the right to criticize the state of Israel and support the BDS movement. We stand together with peace organizations, labour organizations, indigenous groups, governments and others.

This attack against free speech is clearly designed to have a chilling effect, and to stifle genuine discussion about this issue. We will not be intimidated by the government’s policies. CUPW will never apologize for standing up for peace and justice everywhere. As long as the occupation continues, CUPW will work towards a peaceful solution which ensures the safety and the dignity of both Israelis and Palestinians. And no Prime Minister will tell us what we are allowed or not allowed to talk about.

Peace and justice for all: the struggle continues.

In Solidarity,

Mike Palecek
National President