NOT IN OUR NAME: NEVER AGAIN IS NOW, A Statement by Jewish Members of the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys-UAW Local 2325

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A Statement by Jewish Members of the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys-UAW Local 2325
February 8, 2024

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“To be a Jew means always being with the oppressed, never with the oppressors.”

-Marek Edelman, the last surviving leader of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

In light of Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza which has murdered 27,000 Palestinians and counting, we the undersigned Jewish members of UAW Local 2325 ALAA state the following:

  1. We stand with the Palestinian people because of our Jewish values, not despite them. Many of us believe that traditional Jewish values speak to the supreme sanctity of all life- that every human being is created b’tselem Elohim, in the image of God. For many of us, too, a core tenet of Judaism is that it encourages questioning and debate, and guides us towards a universal vision of peace, justice, and freedom from oppression.
  1. We reject any notion that Jews are a monolith. We represent a diversity of Jewish identity— religious and secular, raised with and without Zionism, from different parts of the world, some who have Israeli family members, and some who have never set foot there. By contrast, Zionism has suppressed diasporic Jewish cultures that don’t conform to its goal of a monolithic, hebraized, Jewish-supremacist ethnostate,,. Zionists claim to speak for all Jews- we do not.
  1. We condemn antisemitism. Antisemitic attacks in the United States and around the world have increased, predominantly from white nationalists. We recognize that white nationalists are exploiting Israel’s ongoing violence to recruit to their antisemitic and racist cause. We condemn organizations, including the Anti-Defamation League, that conflate pro-Palestine speech with antisemitism, and in doing so distract from real violence and discrimination.
  1. We decry the smear that Jews who oppose Israel’s racist, apartheid state are somehow “self-hating”. We are united in our opposition to Zionism, which values a Jewish ethnostate more than Jewish life,, and exploits Jewish death and trauma to garner support. Anti-Zionist Jews, both religious and secular, have existed in the Jewish community for as long as Zionism.
  1. We categorically reject the dishonest conflation of antisemitism and anti-Zionism that has been used for decades to shield Israel from any and all criticism. We will not allow our Palestinian and other non-Jewish comrades to be falsely charged with antisemitism for simply advancing the rights of Palestinians to live in peace and freedom in their own land. 
  1. We reject any notion that Jewish safety requires the murder and displacement of millions of Palestinians. As long as Palestinians are oppressed, no one can live in safety and peace. The only way forward is a free Palestine, from the river to the sea, with democracy and equal rights for all.
  1. We condemn Christian Evangelical Zionism, which prays for the ultimate destruction of Judaism through conversion and massacre,. Christian Evangelical Zionism is antisemitic and a key force for US support of Israel.
  1. We condemn Zionism’s embrace of antisemites such as Wilhelm Marr, Arthur Balfour, Steve Bannon, Viktor Orban, and John Hagee. Antisemites throughout history have falsely claimed that Jews cannot live alongside others, and should emigrate to Palestine. Zionism promotes this same antisemitic claim.
  1. The Holocaust taught us to “never again” allow the world to stand by and do nothing while genocide and ethnic cleansing are taking place. We will not be silent and watch as Gaza is decimated before our eyes, armed and funded by the United States government, and purportedly in our name. One holocaust does not justify another.
  1. We will not cower in the face of a new McCarthyism that attacks all who speak out against the current atrocity in Gaza and throughout historic Palestine. We proudly stand by the ALAA-UAW 2325 Ceasefire Resolution which was passed by a membership vote of 1067-570. Despite attacks on our union from bosses, right-wing press, and US Congressional Representative Virginia Foxx,, Jews and our allies will not remain silent for fear of name-calling and doxing. As Jewish people, we  have faced far worse, and we do not scare so easily. Our numbers are only growing.
  1. Our work is indelibly intertwined with our demands. As legal aid workers, we defend our clients and communities against state violence in all its forms, including mass incarceration, family separation, deportation, surveillance, and eviction. Injustice knows no borders— our fight for humanity does not stop at the courtroom door.
  1. Therefore, we demand:
    1. That Congress overturn House Resolution 894, which states that anti-Zionism is antisemitism.
    2. An immediate permanent ceasefire. 
    3. An end to all military, economic, and diplomatic aid to Israel.
    4. One democratic Palestine, from the river to the sea, with freedom and equal rights for all.
    5. Right of return for all Palestinian refugees. 

Signed as Jewish members of ALAA:

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  1. Navruz Baum
  2. Diane Akerman
  3. Dina Ginzburg
  4. Julia Geiger
  5. Michael Letwin
  6. Alexi Shalom
  7. Jeremy Montano
  8. Naomi Schachter
  9. Daniella Korotzer
  10. Emma Hochfelder 
  11. Emily Herzfeld
  12. Max Baumbach
  13. Rebecca Heinegg 
  14. Stephanie Salomon
  15. Jack Einstein 
  16. Jeremy Bunyaner
  17. Jesse McGleughlin
  18. Perri Fagin
  19. Samuel Steinbock-Pratt 
  20. Alec Jessar
  21. Liora Cohen-Fraade
  22. Isadora Jaffee
  23. Sean Fabi
  24. Sadie Miner
  25. Hannah Rosner
  26. Sonia Roubini 
  27. Andie Markowitz
  28. Rebecca Schectman 
  29. Julie Fry
  30. Ariana Brill
  31. Aviva Galpert
  32. Lara Russo
  33. Adina Marx-Arpadi
  34. Leib Leaderman
  35. Anna Belkin
  36. Lindsey Rosenthal
  37. Shayna Medley
  38. Cole Bodell
  39. Rachel Lindy
  40. Zoe Zakin
  41. Jane Fox
  42. Adena Wayne 
  43. Maya Adelman Cabral
  44. Karen Brill
  45. Diana Rosen
  46. Dany Greene
  47. Claire Glass 
  48. Yaniv Kot
  49. Miriam Schachter 
  50. Andrew Reisman 
  51. Steve Demarest
  52. Rebecca Orleans 
  53. Meg Smithson
  54. Daniel Ashworth
  55. Talia Gruber
  56. Emma Mendelson
  57. Jeremy Ravinsky
  58. Claudia Pepe
  59. Jenny Friedman
  60. Ivy Bernstein
  61. Rachel M. Patterson
  62. Ethan Chiel
  63. Elliot Porcher
  64. Whitney Braunstein
  65. Shana Knizhnik
  66. Kenna Capalbo
  67. Rachel Goldman
  68. Allie Goodman
  69. Steve Terry
  70. Rachel Holtzman
  71. Steven Wasserman
  72. Mimi Rosenberg
  73. Heather Stoloff
  74. Jenna Hymowitz
  75. Rachel Lee Pincus
  76. Zoni Rockoff
  77. Alex Cohen-Price
  78. Xander Roos
  79. Chelsey Amelkin
  80. Sarah Shuster
  81. Jesse Nagin
  82. Jake Ridout
  83. Hannah Lieberman
  84. Lily Stadler
  85. Lisa Ledvora
  86. Elon Harpaz
  87. Taylor Schlussel
  88. Ellyn Kessler
  89. Stephanie Pope
  90. Emily Friedman
  91. Mariel Stein
  92. Marco Balestri
  93. Richard Blum
  94. Leah Mack
  95. Alexa Askari
  96. Hannah Tuschman

Signed as Jewish members of SEIU 1199 at LAS in solidarity with ALAA:

Add your name

  1. Veronica Leventhal
  2. Rebecca Kurti
  3. Haley Pessin 
  4. Pilar Karlin 
  5. Asaf Calderon
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