Links Between Zionism, Histadrut, South Africa, CIA & The AFL-CIO At BA Labor For Palestine Conf. (Labor Video Project)

Video online here.

At the Bay Area Labor For Palestine conference on February 25, 2024 a panel was held on the Links Between Zionism, The Histadrut, South Africa and the AFL-CIO. The panel reported on the history of Zionism and the critical role of the Zionist trade union federation Histadrut in supporting Jewish labor in for the expansion of the Zionist state. Speakers also made reports on the connection between the Histadrut and it’s support of apartheid South Africa with military arms and equipment. They also discussed the role of the AFL-CIO and Teamsters leadership in supporting the Israeli state by purchasing Israeli bonds and also shutting down any debate about the situation of Palestinian workers and people. Labor Education Project On AFL-CIO International Operations Production of Labor Video Project

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