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Norwegian Electricians Call For Boycott, Arms Trade Ban (Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign)

Norwegian electricians call for boycott, arms trade ban

The congress of the Electrician and IT workers union in (El&IT) Norway unanimously voted in favor of a resolution calling for boycott of Israeli goods, a ban on Norwegian arms trade with the occupation, and end to all research cooperation. It also urges Norway to push for international sanctions through the UN. The EL&IT has 37.000 members and is by far the largest nationwide union in their branch. It is a member of the general federation of trade unions LO which has 870.000 members and is the most influential organisation in Norway.

Read the full statement below:

The EL & IT – Union means that both Palestinians and Israelites has the right to live in peace and safety. The Israeli government must be held responsible for this not being the current situation. The Refugee problem must be solved in accordance with UN resolution 194. Norway must actively push on UN to make ascertain that those resolutions that the organization has agreed on concerning Palestine is carried out.

The Israeli State is building illegal settlements right in the middle of Palestinian soil. As a consequence of the subsidization of the settlements in the occupied areas, many choose to move there. It is a deliberate policy from Israel who seeks to drive away the Palestinians one step at the time and this documents a lack of intent for peace from Israel.

The wall of shame is built to prevent attacks from the occupied areas. The wall is preventing the Palestinians of being able to travel freely between their homes, schools, jobs, the West Bank and Israel. It also extends far into what according to international law is Palestinian land, and prevents many from doing their ordinary activities, for example agricultural enterprises. Where the Israelites may travel freely in the occupied areas on great motorways without any form of control, are the Palestinians referred to road of a poorer standard, as well as countless checkpoints where they are repressed daily by Israeli soldiers

Israel has during the last ”wars” chosen to do as much harm as possible in the occupied areas. The extensive use of force may be seen as a wish from Israel to punish the civilian population. Israel has made an effort to strike the power supply, electrical installations and other infrastructure of vital necessity. An out-bombed infrastructure leads only to harm civilians. At the same time as the civilian population are suffering for a long time after the battles have ceased, exemplified by the bombing of the electricity supply, are the costs of repairing important infrastructure severe.

The EL & IT Union demands:

– Israel must end its illegal occupation of Palestine and respect the UN resolutions that concerns the rights of the Palestinians.

– A two-state solution must be established based upon the borders from 4th of June 1967.

– The wall of shame must be torn down.

– The illegal settlements must cease to exist and be handed over to the Palestinians.

– Norway must recognize a Palestinian state inside the borders of 1967.

– LO must abolish its connections with Histadrut.

The El & IT Union will work for a boycott of Israel with these means:

– The consumers will not purchase Israeli goods.

– Norway stops import and export of weapons and other military devices to and from Israel. Such export and import shall neither occur from a third country

– A complete halt in Norwegian research cooperation with Israel.

– Norway propose international sanctions against Israel in the UN