Demand NEA leadership pressure the Biden administration for a ceasefire in Palestine (Educators for Palestine)

Why this petition matters

As this petition goes to print, over 11,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza since October 7.  Most of the dead are women and children.  Schools have been bombed and hospitals depleted of power, clean water, and basic medicine.  All of this is being done with U.S. complicity and financial support, and violates NEA’s core values.

We, members of the NEA, demand that NEA leadership pressure the Biden administration for an immediate ceasefire in Palestine.  We expect all campaign donations and endorsements from NEA to be revoked or denied to elected officials who fail to publicly call for an immediate ceasefire.  Furthermore, we demand the withdrawal of NEA’s endorsement of President Biden until he has used all means at his disposal to pressure Israel for a ceasefire, including the withholding of arms sales and financial support.

NEA for Palestine

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