Palestine is calling us to action! (Block the Boat Oakland)

October 2, 2014 AROC 10:25

We are building a boycott, divest, and sanction movement against Apartheid Israel and taking our action to the Port of Oakland. We are asking the longshoreman to honor the call from Palestinian laborers and to stand with the people of Palestine just as they did during Apartheid South Africa. ILWU workers made history when they refused to unload South African cargo in San Francisco in 1984.

This action was a major catalyst for global anti-apartheid solidarity movement. We continued this legacy in 2010, and again in August 2014 when the Bay Area made history at the Port of Oakland with the longest ever blockade of an Israeli ship.

The Israeli owned ZIM shipping line regularly docks and unloads its cargo at the Port of Oakland. ZIM shipping line was not only instrumental in the creation of the state of Israel and ethnic cleansing of Palestine, but it also is responsible for shipping Israeli weaponry that is used on poor, black and brown communities all across the US. As we challenge militarism and policing from Ferguson to Oakland, lets also take a stand against the relationship between Israel and the US and its impact on our communities.

Join us as we build on our historic victory against Zionism and continue to put pressure on the apartheid state of Israel by blocking the ZIM ship on October 25, 2014.

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