Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign webinar on Uniformed Killers with Shahd Abusalama and Michael Letwin

View video here: Uniformed killers – Palestine to Minneapolis (Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign)

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign webinar on Uniformed Killers with Shahd Abusalama and Michael Letwin

George Floyd was murdered in cold blood in Minneapolis by four white cops. Rioters have burned down the building from which these and other uniformed killers emerge to brutalise and take the lives of people of colour.

Palestinians recognise the killers for they are in their midst, in Israeli army uniforms, brutalising and killing with impunity. Israelis are increasingly training US killer cops and Israeli police spokesman Rosenfeld boasted in London of ‘European’ police forces being trained in Israel.

SPSC’s Mick Napier in conversation with Palestinian Shahd Abusalama and Michael Letwin from New York Labour for Palestine.

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