Dear AROC Community,

We have stopped the largest Israeli shipping line from coming to California indefinitely.  

We blocked the boat.

We challenged state violence and stopped local and federal law enforcement from coming to Oakland to work with international security forces, including Israel, to further police and militarize our communities.

We kicked Urban Shield out of Oakland. 

We defended our community members against deportation, detention, and FBI harassment. After being imprisoned for ten years, faced with deportation to apartheid Israel where he was previously tortured and imprisoned, we got our client released from detention and back with his community in the Bay Area.

We empowered our community. 


AROC’s leadership in organizing the Bay Area Arab community is unique.  

We are the only Arabic speaking organization providing free-of-charge legal services(AALS: Arab American Legal Services) while fighting for immigrant rights, challenging war and militarism, Zionism, and racism. We are the only organization that has an Arab youth-led committee (AYO: Arab Youth Organizing), and an Arab queer immigrant-led committee (QueerOC). We organize our youth and adults to develop new leaders that can represent our cause, with our voice and our vision for the world alongside other impacted communities fighting for justice.

  • Continue the fight and empower our youth, our families, our communities to honor the struggles of our freedom fighters.
  • Help stop FBI harassment, surveillance and state repression.
  • Ensure that we free our beloved Rasmea Odeh.
  • Show the world that Zionism and Israeli apartheid aren’t welcome in our towns by making the Bay Area a model for the BDS movement.
  • Provide free legal services to community members facing deportation, FBI targeting and forced migration from their homelands.
  • We need your help to grow and sustain these kinds of wins and a liberated vision for our people.

Can you help AROC raise $50,000 to grow our staff and be able to meet the demands of our community?

We need to hire a full time community organizer to carry our campaign work forward, to build our membership base and develop our programs. And we need your support to make that happen. Your support will enable us to do the political work we all believe is necessary. We cannot depend so heavily on foundations for funding. Because our work is rooted in our community, we know that we cannot depend on anyone but the community we serve. Our work necessitates grassroots support so that we can truly realize the self-determination we fight for.

Please support AROC today by giving in any of the following ways:

  • Donate  $5,000, $500, or $100. Give so that we can have the capacity to do the work needed.
  • Become a monthly sustainer. Contribute $50, $20 or $10 a month to sustain AROC’s programming.
  • Organize a fundraiser, house party, or creative action to raise funds for Arab organizing.
  • Connect us with potential donors. Do you know of someone who can give, who supports our struggles for liberation and supports community organizing?  Help us broaden our base of support.
  • Spread the word. Encourage your friends and family to support AROC.
  • Get involved and be a part of our community.


Lara Kiswani, Executive Director


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