Endorse Labor for Palestine!! (Zach Wales)

From: Zach Wales [mailto:amandla4palestine@yahoo.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 01, 2004 3:57 PM

Endorse Labor for Palestine!!

Greetings from Al-Awda New York/Labor for Palestine!

Labor For Palestine (LFP), a new campaign, is launching and
needs your support and involvement! If you are part of a
labor union or progressive social organization, please visit
the LFP web site (http://www.al-awdany.org/lfp/) and fill
out the online endorsement form. Endorsements are crucial to
the existence and effectiveness of this campaign. There is a
great deal of important and useful information available on
the LFP Web site.

Let me direct your attention to the “Labor in Palestine
link on the site, where you will find LFP’s first initiative
to defend the Palestine-based Workers Advice Center (WAC).
The WAC, which represents the rights of Arab workers, has
been shut down by the Israeli authorities and they (WAC)
need our solidarity and support!

Please endorse online!


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