Labor Delegation From Palestine

From: jordan flaherty <>
Date: Wed, Oct 9, 2002 at 5:36 PM
Subject: Labor Delegation From Palestine


This is a great opportunity.  Please forward this to any labor
think may be receptive, and get involved if you can.



Dear Labor Activists,

This November and December, those of us who believe that
Movement can and should have a better position on the Israel-
conflict have a unique and important opportunity.

Four members of the Palestinian General Federation of Trade
will be visiting the US for three weeks, beginning November
rare chance to introduce US trade unionists to their counterparts in Palestine, and establish direct relationships to counter the deceptive media portrayals.

The guests will be two men and two women from the PGFTU in Ramallah.  Below is more information.  To get involved in coordinating this visit, to set up a meeting with your local, or to find out more, contact:

The guests are:

1) Mohammed Mahmoud Ahmed Saleh, member of excutive committee in Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions(PGFTU), National Secretary fo Legal Affairs Department.

2) Abdel Raheem Saleh Abdel Latif Khateeb, Legal Affairs department of Ramallah branch (PGFTU)from Arura, 42 years old.

3) Nagham Nader Ziadeh, member of Women’s Affairs Department, PGFTU from Beirzeit- 29 years old.

4) Hanan Andoni Eskandar Haddad, Member of Women’s Affairs department, PGFTU from Ramallah -38 years old.

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