The Middle East, Palestinian Workers, War & The AFL-CIO (Bay Area Workers Democracy Forum/Discussion)

Bay Area Workers Democracy Forum/Discussion
The Middle East, Palestinian Workers, War & The AFL-CIO

**Mary Ann Ring, UCSF  ASCME 3299, Delegate SF Labor Council
**Charles Minster, LIUA 1144, Delegate SF Labor Council
**Jack Heyman, BA ILWU Local 10, Delegate Alameda Labor Council* (Invited)
**Faisal Tbeilen, Member UESF-AFT*

As a result of the murderous attack on Palestinian workers and the people of Palestine, the San Francisco Labor Council has passed a resolution protesting the illegal, immoral war and supporting an end to the military arming of Israel. We will discuss how this came about.

This important statement however, is virtually alone among the US trade union movement. John Sweeney and the national AFL-CIO have embraced Bush’s “War On Terror”, along with supporting the Patriot Act which harms our democratic right and the massive increases of military spending. At the same
time the leadership of the Teamsters and the Carpenters are running as fast as they can to get on Bush’s bandwagon.

We will discuss why it is important that US workers support the struggle of Palestinian workers and challenging what has been the historic role of the AFL-CIO in relationship to war, the rights of the Palestinians and Israel.

$5.00 Donation Requested/ No one turned away from a lack of funds
*For Information Only

Sunday April 21, 2002 3:00PM
Fellowship Of Humanity Hall   390 27th St./Broadway Oakland

Sponsored by the Bay Area Workers Democracy Network
P.O.Box 40458 San Francisco, CA 94140

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