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Mon Sep 8, 2008 4:01 pm (PDT)


Obama and McCain campaigns fan ‘war on terrorism’ hysteria
The bipartisan consensus responsible for the “war on terrorism” lie has never
been more ironclad. The next presidential administration will be a continuation
of the Bush-Cheney nightmare — in substance, if not in style.


US air power triples deaths of Afghan civilians, says report
“There has been a massive and unprecedented surge in the use of air power in
Afghanistan in 2008. . . . Mistakes by the US and Nato have dramatically
decreased public support for the Afghan government and the presence of
international forces providing security to Afghans.”

US Attacks Leave 500 civilians killed, injured
At least 500 civilians were killed or wounded during the five-day US-led
troops` ground and air operation in the Sangin district of Helmand province.

Evidence Points to Civilian Toll in Afghan Raid
Accounts from survivors, including three people wounded in the bombing,
described repeated strikes on houses where dozens of children were sleeping,
grandparents and uncles and aunts huddled inside with them. . . . “They bombard
us, they hate us, they kill us. . . . God will punish them.”

Harrowing video film backs Afghan villagers’ claims of carnage caused by US
Women are heard wailing in the background. “Oh God, this is just a child,”
shouts one villager. Another cries: “My mother, my mother.” . . . Local people
say that US forces bombed preparations for a memorial ceremony for a tribal
leader. Residential compounds were levelled by US attack helicopters, armed
drones and a cannon-armed C130 Spectre gunship.


U.S. drones kill 16 in missile attack in Pakistan
“No foreign militant was killed”. . . . Fifteen to 20 wounded people, most of
them women and children, had been taken to hospital.


Rice: “A thousand times again”
Of a war that has cost more than 4,100 American lives, left an additional
30,000 seriously wounded and killed tens of thousands of Iraqis, Ms. Rice says.
. . . “I’d do it a thousand times again. I’d do it a thousand times again.”

Inmates tell of sexual abuse and beatings in Iraq’s overcrowded juvenile prison
“Trials last on average for 25 minutes, no witnesses are called, confessions
are used as the only evidence, and court-appointed defence lawyers get the case
file on the day of the trial, leaving no chance to consult the defendant in

GI Casualties

On a Southern California beach, young war widows come together to grieve
There is no official list of U.S. war widows, but there are thousands — nearly
half of the 4,155 soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan were married. Most of
the dead were young, as are the women they left behind.,0,4573938,print.story


Israel still destroying Gaza industrial sector
The crisis in Gaza’s industrial sectors has continued to escalate despite the
truce. . . . Israeli policies [have] lead to the closure of 3,900 factories and
workshops in the Gaza Strip, leaving 70,000 Gazans unemployed.

Arab activists accuse Israel of Gaza genocide
“The catastrophic situation in which Gaza citizens live, which led to the
deterioration of medical, economic, ecological and humanitarian conditions, in
addition to the death of innocent people, amounts to genocide.”

Shin Bet’s academic freedom
Those who support an academic boycott of Israel often argue that Israel’s
universities serve the occupation and its army. There is something to this.

Olmert’s deputy is accused of war crimes
Mr Mofaz, after ensuring he was not being officially recorded, called for a
Palestinian death toll of 70 per day.

The Palestinians: Warehousing a “surplus people”
Overall, while both peoples suffered extreme economic oppression leading to the
impoverishment of their entire populations, the daily repression suffered by
Palestinians is on a scale that apparently surpasses that of South Africa in
its apartheid days.

Arming Abbas’s security reward for its role in liquidating resistance
Hamas said that the Israeli occupation authority’s delivery of 1,000
machineguns to the PA security apparatuses loyal to PA chief Mahmoud Abbas was
meant as a reward for those apparatuses’ efforts in protecting Israel’s

Zionist myth of enforced exile
Jews worldwide have always tended to form religious communities, usually by
conversion; they cannot be said to share an ethnicity derived from a unique
origin and displaced over 20 centuries of wandering.


US military trained Georgian commandos
The US military provided combat training to 80 Georgian special forces
commandos only months prior to Georgia’s army assault in South Ossetia in


What western feminists should do about the veil
[T]he veil seems to be a real blind spot for some people, even for western
feminists, who appear to infantilise women who choose to wear the veil, even as
they argue men have infantilised women in other areas.

War at Home

Few Stand to Gain on This Bailout, and Many Lose
[T]he companies’ outgoing leaders could see big paydays — a prospect that
angers many investors, particularly because ordinary stockholders could be
virtually wiped out. . . . Wall Street investment banks, meanwhile, are
breathing a sigh of relief.

Antiwar Veterans & Military Families

Bipartisan War
Former Army sniper Garett Reppenhagen of Colorado Springs, Colo., said, “Both
parties got us into this war, both parties need to get us out.”

Neither Iraq Nor Afghanistan
Juan Torres, whose son, Juan Torres Jr., was killed at Bagram Air Base in
Afghanistan, told me . . . . “We’re here to stop the war in Afghanistan, too.”

IVAW Debates Afghanistan
“IVAW is in a unique position to lead the antiwar movement on [Afghanistan],
and begin to build solidarity with veterans opposed to the global war on

VFP Takes Stand Against Afghan War
The resolution called for the immediate withdrawal of all military and
intelligence forces.


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