March 18 & 19 – International Days of Action Against the War (TONC)

On the Third Anniversary of the War and Occupation of Iraq

March 18 & 19 – International Days of Action Against the War

Let’s Unite and Shut Down the Recruiters from Coast to Coast

Troops Out Now Coalition - March 18
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New York – Boston – Washington DC – Los Angeles –
Baltimore – Detroit – San Francisco – Atlanta – Denver –

Mass March/Convergence on Times Square Recruiting Station, NYC

– and dozens of cities across the country

This Year – Keep the Heat in Street!

March 18 & 19, 2006 will mark the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.  The Troops Out Now Coalition calls on the entire antiwar community at the local and national level to rise above anything that would hinder the unity that the world and history demands of us.  Together we must grasp the opportunity to help transform the turning tide against the war into a human tidal wave of antiwar resistance in the streets.

On the weekend of March 18 & 19, TONC joins with all who are calling for mass coordinated actions coast to coast and around the world.  TONC proposes that the movement jointly target military recruiting stations all across the country on this weekend with coordinated protest, especially neighborhood recruiting stations in poor communities and communities of color.  We can shut the war down, and the way to start is by shutting down military recruiting.

In the New York City region we call on activists protest in the morning at the recruitng office on 125th Street in Harlem as well as other neighborhood recruiting offices.

Donate to help mobilize for March 18 & 19

In the afternoon we urge everyone to converge on Times Square, where the best known recruiting station in the country is located, for a massive rally to shut down the recruiting station and the entire area.

TONC offers the following points reflecting our perspective as  we open the new year of struggle against the war:

* If we learned anything for the 2004 presidential elections, it is that we must not demobilize and retreat from the streets in order to pour all of our energy into the congressional elections next fall.  The antiwar movement must never again allow itself to be misled into becoming an appendage of either corporate political party.  Our growth, our independence, our visibility, our effectiveness, power and very existence depend on the antiwar movement making the streets the central battlefield in the struggle to stop the war.

* We urge the entire movement to demand an end to colonial occupations, not only in Iraq, but in Afganistan, Palestine, and Haiti, and in every part of the world where people are resisting occupation, intervention, colonialism and neo colonialism. The strength of the resistance in Iraq, the results of the recent Palestinian elections, and the virtual regionwide rebellion against U.S. imperialism in Latin America and the Carribean, are only the latest reminder that every front in the struggle against colonial occupation and empire are interconnected.  The growing threat of economic and military attacks on Iran are another reminder.  The more that the antiwar movement here solidarizes itself with these fronts, the more our movement will be viewed as independent, vital and a relevant part of a larger world struggle against war and imperialism.

* On the home front, our challenge as a movement is to fully embrace the struggle of poor and working people, and the struggle against racism in particular.  No sector of the population is more antiwar then the Katrina evacuees, or immigrant workers, or transit workers, etc.  The best way to facilitate the active participation of working and poor people is for us to find meaningful ways of solidarising the anti-war movement with their daily struggles.

-Bring All the Troops Home Now

-End All Colonial Occupations from Iraq and Afghanistan, to Palestine and Haiti

What you can do to help build March 18:

Endorse  – Add your name to  the growing list of hundreds of endorsers who say “Troops Out Now!

Donate   – Help us with the massive costs of mobilizing coast to coast — sound and stage, printing tens of thousands of leaflets, organizing buses, and much move.

List Your Local Activity


-Build Levees Not Bombs

-Support the Struggle of Katrina Evacuees

-Stop the Illegal Surveillance

-Overturn the “Patriot Act”

-No War Against Iran

–From Latin America & the Carribean, to Africa, Asia and the Middle East- No More Interventions

-Money for Jobs, Healthcare, Housing and School – Not War!

Endorsers (list in formation)

Organizations and individuals affiliated with the Troops Out Now Coalition include:
Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General
Brenda Stokely, Million Worker March
Charles Barron, NY City Council Member*
Chuck Turner, Boston City Council Member*
Steve Gillis, President USWA Local 8751*
Leslie Feinberg, Co-Chair LGBT Caucus National Writers Union*
Million Workers March Movement
International Action Center
NY Committee to Defend Palestine
New Jersey Solidarity– Activists for the Liberation of Palestine
Harlem Tenants Council
Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle
Korea Truth Commission
Artists & Activists United for Peace
NYCHRP – NY Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines
NYC Labor Against the War
Queers for Peace & Justice
Fanmi Lavalas
Committee to Support the Iraqi People
Jersey City Peace Movement
No War Westchester
Action Center for Justice
Al-Awda Palestine Right to Return Coalition NY-NJ
All Peoples Congress
American-Iranian Friendship Committee
Arab American Civic Organization
Asia Pacific Action
Association of Mexican American Workers
Central New Jersey Coalition for Peace and Justice
Citizens for Peace, Cobb County
FIST – Fight Imperialism, Stand Together
Haiti Support Network
International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu Jamal
High County Peace & Justice
Louisiana Activist Network
Louisville Peace Action Community
MLK Bolivarian Circle
Metro Justice, Rochester
Michigan Emergency Committee Against War and Injustice
Minneapolis Anti-War Committee
Movement in Motion Arts Collective
New College Alliance for Peace
New England Human Rights Organization for Haiti
New School Human Rights Group
NISPOP– Network in Solidarity with the People of the Philippines
No Draft No Way Network
Northeast Ohio Antiwar Coalition
NY Committee to Free the Five
Olean Area Coalition for Peace & Justice
People Judge Bush
Peoples Video Network
Progressive Action for the Common Good
Richmond Action Center
Somerville 5 Defense Committee
South Jersey Coalition for Peace & Justice
South Mississippi United for Peace
Stonewall Warriors
United American Indians of New England
Virginia Anti-War Network
Women’s Fightback Network

Additional endorsers of the March 18 – 19 Days of Action include (list in formation):
Action Center For Justice, Charlotte, NC
Arise Peace With Justice Committee, Springfield, MA
Bloomington Peace Action Coalition (Bloomington, Indiana), Nashville, IN
Boston Rosa Parks Human Rights Day Committee, Boston, MA
Boston Troops Out Now Coalition, Boston, MA
Cattail Music, Ltd, Brattleboro, VT
Center For A Livable World, Darien, NY
Children Of Iraq Association, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Great Britain
Communist Workers Group, Auckland, New Zealand
“the Community” Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY
DestroyIndustry, Raleigh, NC
Free Iraq And Palestine, Anaheim, CA
Grand Rapids Branch – Industrial Workers Of The World, Grand Rapids, MI
Guyanese-American Workers United, New York, NY
LI Troops Out Now Coalition, Freeport, NY
Liberty Underground Of Virginia (LUV), Hampton, VA
Maine Marxists, Fairfield, ME
Mothers Against The War In Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Mujeres En Un Solo Mundo, Valencia, Spain
No Draft No Way Network
Peace Now!!!, Pasadena, CA
Philadelphia Committee To Free The Five, Philadelphia, PA
Rule19 – For Justice And Democracy, Cambridge, MA
The Humanistic Party, Bronx, NY
Topanga Peace Alliance, Progressive Democrats Of The Santa Monica Mountains, Woodland Hills, CA
Western Mass IAC/TONC, Northampton, MA
Windows On Haiti, South Orange, NJ
Scott Ainslie, CEO, Cattail Music, Ltd, Brattleboro, VT
Sean Alexandre, Bishop, CA
Mazen Almoukdad, manager, Free Iraq And Palestine, Anaheim, CA
Sheila Amies-Byron, Paignton, None, United Kingdom
Jon Anderholm, UESF*, Cazadero, CA
Guy Antoine, President, Windows On Haiti, South Orange, NJ
Abayomi Azikiwe, Editor, Pan-African News Wire*, Detroit, MI
Timothy Baer, Organizer, Bloomington Peace Action Coalition (Bloomington, Indiana), Nashville, IN
Jack Balkwill, Chairman, Liberty Underground Of Virginia (LUV), Hampton, VA
Michael Berg, Wilmington, DE
Jerome Bibuld, Danbury, CT
Robert Bisson, Stuyvesant, NY
David Bohn, Wahiawa, HI
Glenn Bonaker, Bradenton, FL
George Brieger, Attorney, Brooklyn, NY
Maura Buckley, Indianapolis, IN
Jonathan Budd, Organization leader, “the Community” Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY
Lorraine Caputo, documentary poet, Columbia, MO
Christine Carmona, Avondale, AZ
Nancylou Christian, Naropa University*, Boulder, CO
Heather Cottin, organizer, LI Troops Out Now Coalition, Freeport, NY
Susan E. Davis, Delegate, New York, NY
Cherry Delorenzo, WRITER, San Diego, CA
Antoine Dennis, Columbia, SC
David Dixon, Coordinator, Action Center For Justice, Charlotte, NC
Catherine Donaghy, Volunteer/organizer, Western Ma IAC/TONC, Northampton, MA
Cole Dorsey, ORGANIZER, Grand Rapids Branch – Industrial Workers Of The World, Grand Rapids, MI
Nicholas Eltgroth, Cohasset, MN
Gregory Esteve, Lake Wales, FL
Melissa Farmer, Nashville, TN
Susan Farquhar, social worker/community activist, Pontiac, MI
Mary Finley, Peace And Freedom Party*, San Diego, CA
Richard Francis, Hamilton, OH
Lori Gaustad, Billings, MT
Lisa Ghariana, Chaiman, Aniwarfair Coalition*, Oklahoma City, OK
Mark Golding, trustee, Children Of Iraq Association, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Great Britain
Mark Goretsky, Retired Engineer, Plainview, NY
Peter Goselin, labor attorney, National Lawyers Guild, Connecticut Chapter*, Hartford, CT
Rosemary Graf, Cummington, MA
Lynn Gregory, Cullowhee, NC
Liliana Gutierrez, Milwaukee, WI
Jean Hagedorn, Des Moines, IA
Michael Halmick, Bourbon, MO
Fabian Hathorn, Menerbes, N/A, France
Jesse Lokahi Heiwa, Co-founder, Queers For Peace And Justice*, New York, NY, Turtle Island
Michael Hillard, psychologist / teacher, Albuquerque TVI*, Albuquerque, NM
Parke William Hutchinson, Dr., Smithfield, RI
Ron Jacobs, Asheville, NC
Laura Jones, Account Manager for New Way Landscape, San Diego, CA
Richard Kaziny, Evanston, IL
Patricia Kellogg, Nelson, OH
Don Kelly, Gillham, AR
Don Kult, Flora, IN
Dustin Langley, Coordinator, No Draft No Way Network
Ruth Larson, Regional Union Rep, Canadian Union Of Postal Workers*, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Anne Lavallee, Uxbridge, MA
William Leavy Jr., Actors Equity Association*, Orlando, FL
Gary Leupp, Professor, Tufts University*, Boston, MA
Gary Liss, Reverand, Vietnam Veterans Against The War*, Battle Creek, MI
Ron McGill, Peace Lover, Peace Now!!!, Pasadena, CA
Neville McJunkin, Tallahassee, FL
Jeffery McNary, journalist/author, Cambridge, MA
Elissa Menconi, Retired Social Worker, Dorchester, MA
Michael Meyer, Galactic Citezen, Santa Fe, NM
Timothy Miller, Dr., Rensselaerville, NY
Anna Mitchell, Blacksburg, VA
Chuck Mohan, President, Guyanese-American Workers United, New York, NY
Andrew Moriarty, Topanga Peace Alliance, Progressive Democrats Of The Santa Monica Mountains, Woodland Hills, CA
Reza Namdar, Unit Chairperson, TNG/CWA Local 320*, Washington, DC
Efia Nwangaza, National Co-Chair, The Jericho Mvmt For Us Political Prisoners*, Greenville, SC
Stephen O’Connell, student, Boston College*, Chestnut Hill, MA
Cornelia Rakow, New York, NY
Red Red, leader,, New York, NY
Ann Rennacker, Seiu Local 707*, Fort Bragg, CA
Lori Reyes, Board Member, Lambda Community Fund*, Sacramento, CA
Mike Roach, Ridgecrest, CA
Richard Sam Salmon, disabeled retired worker/comrade, Communist Party Usa Wisconsin Section*, Green Bay, WI
Valerie Sanfilippo, San Diego, CA
Sonia Santiago, founder, Mothers Against The War In Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Bob Saxton, webmaster, Futuresave Website*, Eugene, OR
Judy Schwartz, Pembroke Pines, FL
Stan Serafin, Spec. Ed. Teacher, Hippiedumb*, Laverkin, UT
PF Soto, Founder, organizer, Rule19 – For Justice And Democracy, Cambridge, MA
Justin Stepney, owner, Destroyindustry, Raleigh, NC
Joe Stern, Fort Collins, CO
Rita Surdi, Las Vegas, NM
Robert Taylor, Member, Bus Riders Union/labor Community Strategy Center*, Los Angeles, CA
Frank Walter, professor emeritus, Chicago, IL
President Hopeful Lanakila Washington, President hopeful/founder of the Humanistic Party, The Humanistic Party, Bronx, NY
Robert Whitehead, Site Union Rep, National Education Assoc/california Teachers Assoc/Sacramento City Teachers Assoc*, Sacramento, CA
Paul “Zool” Zulkowitz, The Art & Politics Of Justice & Joy*, Woodmere, NY

* = for indentification only

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